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What To Look For When Buying Fish?

When selecting fish to start your new hobby with, as well as other livestock in the future, it would be good to prepare a "species list" for your aquarium first.

Then learn as much as you can about each species' characteristics, dietary requirements and feeding habits before buying anything!

Know what to look for when you are inspecting the fish you wish to buy. Those that are in a good state of health will settle into their new home quickly, without to much of fuss.

Here Are Some Tips To Help You Make Smarter Choices

The Fish's Body

The body color should be vibrant, not dull or faded. Scales should be flat and smooth, not protruding and peeling. There should be no visible open sores, ulcers, boils, white spots or red patches on the body - these are signs of injuries or skin ailments. Look out for unusual lumps or growths.

An odd body shape, such as a curved spine or uneven bulge, may indicate an internal health problem.However, don't assume that the fish is unwell unless you are sure that such marks or shapes aren't the distinguishing features normally found in that particular species. For example, fancy goldfish like Pearlscales have very swollen bodies with white spots all over them.

The Fish's Fins

The fish should not have ragged, torn or missing fins. A healthy fish will normally either have fins that are long and flowing, or short and erect. The fins on the body should not be collapsed or completely clamped shut.

The Fish's Eyes

Eyes should be clear, not cloudy or popping out of sockets, unless these are features naturally found in that particular variety of fish.

The Fish's Behavior

The fish should neither be lethargic nor overly active. It is not a good sign if they are hardly moving, constantly hanging near the water surface, propped up against the glass or lying on the bottom of the aquarium (unless, of course, they are bottom dwellers).

It is a good sign when a fish is alert and takes an active interest in its surroundings. However, if it displays jerky movements, keeps darting around wildly or "flashing" against the gravel, it may be unwell.

Health Of Other Fish

Even if fish you fancy appears to be healthy, you should observe the condition of its tankmates as well. If you see an excessive number of sick looking ones, it would be wiser not to purchase the fish. This is because the fish may have already been infected, but has yet to display any symptoms of the disease.

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