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Fish Traps And Pitfalls

Fish keeping may be low maintenance compared to many other pet keeping hobbies, nevertheless there are a few chores that you must do to ensure a thriving underwater world. Regular partial water changes are a must-do. They remove dissolved waste. Replace depleted trace elements and your fish will be healthier, exhibiting better colors and growing faster as a result.

A good rule is to change 25 percent of the water every 2 weeks. Other tools and supplies you will need to help determine the condition of the water in your tank include test kits that measure pH levels, a good dechlorinator and various water conditioners. Needless to say let us say it anyway, feed your fish regularly! Set a routine to feed them twice a day but do not overfeed: if food remains in the tank about 3 minutes after feeding, you have overfeed. Many prepared fish foods off the shelves will provide a well-balanced diet for more species. Reward your fish now and then, however, by offering a variety of foods.

Other chores include turning on the aquarium light for a specified number of hours daily. If yours comes with a timer, this will be taken care of automatically. Look out for signs of distress and diseases among your fish and plants. Make sure filters are running, and bubblers are bubbling. Run water tests daily to ensure the temperature is optimum and pH levels are correct, particularly if your tank has been newly set up.

Clean filter strainers weekly to ensure they are not clogged by bits of plant leaves and other debris. Prune and/or replant greens that have come loose and clean the glass with a scrubber pad to prevent algae from building up on the inside glass. To maintain your aquarium in tip-top condition, a lot of it boils down to good old common sense. Like most things in life, however, a lot of trial and error is inevitable, and in the process, unfortunately, some fish and plants will have to suffer and die. A little knowledge is always a good thing, so read up, seek advise among hobbyist friends and acquaintances, good luck and have fun!


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