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Don't Ask Kitty To Beg

Unlike dogs, cats do not enjoy learning tricks. Dogs are pack animals that will do almost anything to please their pack leaders (ie human owners) and be thrilled about it too, but cats are independent thinkers who will not be happy doing something if they don't see the point of it. Incidentally, some Spitz-type dogs like Shiba Inus and Siberian Huskies are very cat-like in that they, too, are unhappy about following orders if they think they know better.

This natural characteristic of felines means that cats are best left to what they do best - honouring you with their companionship, playing, hunting, sleeping, grooming themselves, and receiving the best love and care you can give. They should not be learning how to "beg", "sit up", "roll over" or "stay". While cats can learn tricks (they are certainly intelligent enough), both you and they will be made thoroughly miserable by the training. They'll hate it, and so will you by the time it's over.

It is essential for pet cats to learn only a few of "your rules" : toilet training, learning to trust you (and you must earn that trust), staying off selected items of furniture, and not scratching furnishings or people. Once you and your cat agree about these few things, relax, enjoy its affection and how your blood pressure goes down when you groom and pet it. Love your cat for itself!


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