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Water Changes

Why Make Frequent Partial Water Changes?

Doing this keeps waste products at tolerable levels and optimises water quality because:
  • The build-up of nitrates can reduce the alkalinity of your water and result in a drop in pH level.
  • Phosphates, pheromones and other chemicals can build up between water changes.
  • Minerals and trace elements essential to your fishes' health are depleted over time through water evaporation; regular changes replenish them.
  • Poor water quality puts stress on fish, and is often the root cause of fungal and parasitic problems; wounds are also more prone to infection.
  • Adding fresh water increases the oxygen supply.

How Often, How Much?

The volume and frequency of water change depends on the size of your tank, how many fish and plants you keep, feeding frequency, amount of feed given and type of pump/ filtration system used:
  • If your bio-load (ratio of fish to water volume) is low and you do not overfeed, you may be able to maintain good water quality with smaller and less frequent water changes.
  • Undergravel filters can make nitrate control more challenging. Organic matter gets drawn deep into the substrate where it is difficult to reach and remove completely.
  • Plants require nitrate for healthy growth, and thus they can help to keep nitrate levels down.

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