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Differences Between Cross-Breed And Purebred Dogs

When you decide to bring a dog into your life, you may face a choice between a cross-breed and purebred (pedigree) pooch.

In What Ways Do They Differ?


A dog with mixed ancestry is more likely to escape the hereditary diseases often passed on within pure breeds. It is hard to judge what temperament a cross-breed puppy will develop. But if you know what the parents are like, you have a good idea. Aggressive or gentle? Nervous or calm? Well-cared-for cross-breeds are often known to live longer, healthier lives than many purebreds. But specific care needs must be patiently explored. You can't always predict what adult size a cross-breed pup will reach. If both parents are small, there's a good chance it will also be small, but there's no guarantee.


Purebred dogs may inherit diseases and disorders common to their breed, especially if the breeders were careless. Pedigree dogs are bred for specific characteristics. While individual dogs differ, you usually know what you're getting from a certain breed, and how best to interact with it. You know if a particular breed needs extra exercise, a special diet, special medical attention, and how to look out for peculiar behavior common to that breed. You know how big your purebred pup will get. You'll know if you can keep it in your house, and how much space it'll need.

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