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What Are The Acne Treatments Available?

If you are suffering from acne problem, you are not alone, an estimated 17 millions to 45 millions Americans are facing the same issue as you. In the United States, about 85% of the total population aged 12 to 24 years old are prone to acne than any age groups. Regardless of races and ages, acne can strike at anyone and for those who have acne outbreaks, it is a very terrible experience and affects them emotionally.

If the acne outbreak is prolonged and not healed after some time, our facial appearance will get affected and could lead to decrease self-esteem. We love to look at our best but that visible spots will destroy everything. If there are numerous acne outbreaks on our face, that would be worst and make it more visible to the naked eyes. But you don't have to worry since unlike skin cancer, acne outbreak is not a long-term skin disease and numerous treatments are available for treating acne condition.

There are many skin care tips that you can adhere to for the prevention of acne outbreaks and here are some skin care tips that can combat your acne problem. You should get rids of all bad skin care practice! Oily skin is the main cause of acne and you should take steps to prevent direct contact with oil.

Your hairline is one of the culprits that increase the amount of oil on your skin. Avoid direct contact with your dirty hands on your face as it might be oily and contains bacteria that only make matters worst. What you eat is also the contributor of acne and the next time you consume your meal, identify which food are likely to cause problem to your skin and if possible avoid them. You may want to consult your doctor to go for a food allergies test to find out the cause of your acne.

In the morning after you get out of bed, you should wash your face gently with a mild cleanser. You should use skin products that are pH neutral. Washing your face before you sleep is essential. If you are involved in any activity that cause you to sweat profusely, washing you face after that is recommended. Avoid washing your face more than 3 times daily as it may cause irritation to your skin.

You should rinse your skin in clean and cold water and avoid vigorous usages of a washcloth. After washing your face, avoid touching or rubbing your skin with your hand or make contact with any objects. If they are some moisture on your skin, you should just pat dry or blot it. If you have allergy to certain substance, check to see if the moisturizer you are using is suitable for you before you apply it to your face.

You should designate a hand towel for drying your face only for hygiene purposes and wash your towel frequently if they get dirty. Getting excessive exposure under the hot sun is bad for your skin and you should take steps to reduce the amount of time you get expose.

Some essential oils are good for acne treatments like tea tree oil, rosewood oil, lavender oil and you might want to try them out. For the adolescence, with proper care, acne will gradually disappeared but in extreme cases whereby the condition worsens, they will have to live with their permanent scarring. In the United States, 40% of acne sufferers have to seek medical treatment because of severe acne outbreak.

The good news is now it is possible to get rid of acne scar. Improvement in medical technology like laser treatment, demabrasion, creams, etc has make it become a reality. You should consult your doctor first and he/she will recommend the best solutions and advises. Currently the most popular acne scarring removal is dermabrasion and it works by removing the layers of skin and keeps doing it until the scars become less visible.

The less extensive acne scarring treatment is laser surgery that works by using carbon dioxide laser to remove skin layers until the scar tissue is removed which results in a smoother skin complexion than before.

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