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Basic Understanding Of Acne And Prevention

In the United States, of all the skin conditions, acne is the most frequent skin disease affecting millions of Americans and this numbers keep growing as I write this article. It is estimated that acne affects more than 17 millions to 45 millions Americans and that is why it is important to get a basic understanding of what an acne is and how you can prevent it in the first place.

From numerous research they done, experts says acne usually grow on the back, cheeks, chin, trunk, forehead and nose. Acne is caused by the disorder of the oil glands that lead to the clogging of the pores and finally the outbreaks of lesions (pimples). The oil glands produces a substance called sebum that will rises up through a hair that contains canal known as a follicle and empty onto the skin surface eventually.

Unfortunate for the newborn, experts have not yet find out what is the culprit for the outbreak of acne however some experts believed the cause could be of the mother. There are cases whereby mother who take acne-causing medications such phenytoin, lithium, etc before birth and passed the substance through the placenta of hormones from the mother to the child.

There are normally a few cases of infants having outbreaks of acne and usually adolescents are the most affect groups. This is because during adolescence, the amount of hormone and sebum level will increased which in turn increase the production of more oil glands. An increase of oil glands will cause the stoppage of hair follicles. Studies has found out that the rate of server acne occurs more in males than females while acne outbreaks tends to last longer in females than males.

This cause the formation of small bacteria filled cysts called comedones and if they do not rupture and remain intact, it may develop into open comedones called whiteheads or closed comedones called blackheads. But on the other hand, if the comedones do rupture, inflammatory reaction will result. It will then spread into the surrounding skin tissues and aggravate the condition. A few examples of inflammatory lesions are nodules, pustules papules, and cysts.

Although acne outbreak is not as serious as skin cancers, it is very painful for those who have severe acne condition and if not look after properly may cause permanent scar. Psychologically, the patient will get depressed easily if the condition worsened. That is why most of us don't mind spending on good acne products that offer genuine solution to treat acne, reducing pain, recovering faster while preventing permanent scarring.

At least we know there are acne products that can help reduce our emotional distress caused by acne while treating it as well. The total amount Americans spends on acne products is estimated at $100 million annually and it is not surprising that we want to look good.

Actually the best way is to reduce the chances of new acne outbreaks is to prevent it from happening in the first place. There are numerous ways that you can protect yourself. For those who have acne outbreaks, the following skincare tips will improve your acne condition. Incorporate these skin care tips into your daily lifestyle. You should wash your face when you wake up and before you go to sleep. But do not overdo it by washing too frequently as it will aggravate your skin by causing skin irritations.

Ladies, you should not apply too much cosmetics on your face since it will increase the chances of new acne outbreaks. Avoid touching your face with you dirty hands. Touching your acne with your dirty hands if you have acne outbreaks will only worsen the condition. When taking your meal, avoid eating food that are too salty or greasy, instead opt for healthy food like fruits and vegetables.

Washing your hair daily and changing your bed lines frequent are essential for prevention of acne outbreaks. Use a mild soap when washing your face to avoid irritating your skin. If your acne condition is getting bad, you should consult a dermatologist. He/she may gave you some oral or topical acne medication depending of your acne condition and gave your some important advises.

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