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Maintaining Your Beautiful Skin

There are numerous skin care solutions available that promises improved skin complexion and combat skin conditions. But before you go ahead to buy those products to try on your skin, you should find out what is your skin type first so you can make the prudent choice when choose which products to buy.

It is ideal that you start young to take proper care of your skin. Your skin needs consistent care so it can rejuvenate dead and dull cells, remove wastes and tighten your skin. The early you take care of your skin. If you have to work in an air-conditioned office for more than 5 hours per day, placing a large bowl of clean water next to your working area will help increase humidity and keep your skin from becoming dry easily.

When the water level in your skin decreases by 10%, your skin will becomes dry, flaky and itchy. Another way to increase your skin moistures is to bring along a moisturizing spray that you can use when you notice your skin showing some dryness symptoms.

Your diet affects your skin and you should be careful with what you eat. Vitamin B5, E and F can hydrate your skin and reduce wrinkles. You should consume food that contains the above mention vitamins. Do you know what time your skin will become active? According to experts, your skin is most active during 2200 to 0200 hrs. You should be sleeping before 2200 hrs and onwards and your skin will becomes healthier.

The number one cause of skin cancer is the excessive exposure of the sun. Now, you realized how serious it is, not only that excessive exposure to the sun may increases the risks of getting broken blood vessels, thinning of your skin, dryness, blotchy pig entation, uneven color, etc.

The best way to protect your skin from the harmful radiation, the UVA and UVB is to apply sun protection such as sunscreen whenever you are going outdoors. This will protect your skin from further sun damage, dehydration and pollution. Daily skin cleansing routine is essential to ensure your skin remain healthy and keep your pore clear from pollution.

Avoid using skin products that contain substances and might not be suitable for your skin type. You should wash your face at least two times daily, one in the morning after you wake up and before you went to bed. After you have washed your face, you should apply a moisturizing lotion on your skin to replenish the natural oils loss during cleansing. Green tea is good as it can purifies and help your skin to absorb those active ingredients effectively. It is good that you wash your face with green tea after the cleansing.

After you came back from work, you should wash your skin to remove makeup, grimes and pollution that exist on your face. Don’t be lazy as it is beneficial for your skin to keep it clean and healthy at all times. Getting adequate rest is very important and consuming a nutritious meal daily will help you to eliminate wastes and maintain a healthy and good looking skin.

Stress is good sometimes because it will drive you to perform better. But stress also can have an adverse effect on your skin and cause multiple skin problems. Remember to have sufficient time for relaxation and exercise regularly to reduce stress. Vitamins are good for your skin and you should take sufficient vitamins daily.

Vitamin A is an anti-wrinkling agent. Vitamin B will improve your blood circulation on your skin. Vitamin C is important for the beauty and health of your skin. It is being used to speed up healing when skin becomes injured or removing free radicals. It is also important for keeping your body healthy by fighting bad bacteria and virus.

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