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Dealing With Skin Care Problems: Pimples

Having pimples can be a devastating effect for an adolescent since he/she has to cope with body changes due to puberty, school stresses and now an outbreak of pimples that may affects his/her self-esteem. Pimples look like an inflamed, harden lumps initially and will develop into pus (pustule).

Depending on the condition, pimples may heal and dissipate with no damages to the skin after some time. However you should not disturb your pimples by squeezing or popping it as it will only aggravate it. It will rupture and cause serious damage to the dermal layer of your skin and may cause infection that results in more skin problems.

As pimples outbreak are part of growing up, no one can avoid it. Celebrity are not spared too like Cindy Crawford, who had to endured the ugliness and unpleasant of pimple problems when she was a teenager. Pimples affects all regardless of your races or gender. Having too much water in your skin is bad as it will breaks down your skin's protective layer that cover your skin's intracellular matrix that is vital to keep your skin cells intact. If possible try to keep the time you spend showering and bathing shorter.

A huge amounts of pores connected to your glands are responsible for the health of your skin and produced the oil to keep your skin healthy. One of the main causes of pimple outbreaks is the gland that produces excessive oils. It is most active during puberty. Unfortunately, there are still no cures for pimples but you can take proper care of your skin to control and reduces new pimples outbreak.

For the ladies, avoid using cosmetic products and sunscreens that are oil-based. If you are prone to acne, you choose look for cosmetic products that are non-comedogenic. Your hygiene is crucial for preventing pimples and other skin problems. You should wash your skin with skin care product and clean water at least 2 times per day. But never do it excessively. Three times per day is the maximum.

Applying your pimples with spirit of camphor continuously until your pimples dry up will helps check infections. To eliminate any infection into your bloodstream after washing your face, use your hands gently and firmly massage your skin complexion in a circular motion for about 20 minutes.

Excessive stress are bad for skin and increases chances of skin problems. Try to relax and be positive. Reduce your level of stress today. Your fingertips should be kept clean and cut to prevent germs from trapping underneath your fingernail. Avoid touching your skin with dirty hands.

If you are someone who loves to use bath oil when you soak in the bathtub, take note as research finds out that the oil can trap cleansing ingredients into your skin and cause dryness and irritations. Never squeeze your pimples! If you do so, you are forcing bacteria to go deeper into your skin and may cause an infected and inflamed pimple. In worst scenario, permanent scarring becomes a reality. To get your pimples problem solved, it is important you seek treatment early.

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