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Acne Treatments Available

Regardless of your gender and races, all of us have to face acne outbreak in certain periods of our time. Research shows that 85% of Americans aged 12 and 24 are more prone to acne outbreak. Acne outbreak can be an unpleasant experience and may affect ones self-esteem if it worsen and results in permanent scarring.

The tiny spots on the face can tarnish and make your looks ugly but you don't have to worry as compared to the past since new acne treatments are available. Remember to seek treatment early when you have acne. There are numerous skin care tips you can follow to reduce acne outbreak. Oily skin is one of the main causes of acne outbreak. Avoid direct contact with oil especially your hairline as it will increase the amount of oil on your face.

Never use your dirty hands to wipe your face. Your hands may contain harmful bacterial and will produces more skin problems for your complexion. Watch what you eat! Your diet do contribute to skin care problem especially acne. Find out which food you eat are allergy to you and then avoid them totally.

Wash your face with a pH natural skin products before sleep time and early in the morning when you wake up. If you have to involve in any activity that cause you to swear profusely, remember to wash your face after the activity. Take note that you must not wash your face more than 3 times per day.

Avoid vigorous use of a washcloth when cleaning your face. You should rinse your skin in clean-cold water and avoid rubbing your skin after you have clean your face. Use a moisturizer for your skin that does not have substances that are harmful for your skin type. For good hygiene, you should designated a hand towel only for drying your face instead of using a towel and wash it regularly to keep it clean.

Frequently exposure under the hot sun is bad for skin and could increase the chances of getting skin cancers. You should use sunscreen to protect yourself. There are essential oils that are available on the market and are beneficial to your acne. Some of them are tea tree oil, rosewood oil, etc.

Taking proper care of your acne is crucial if you do not want to live with permanent scars for the rest of your life. Research show that 40% of acne sufferers have to seek professional help as their acne condition has worsen due to neglect of skin. Today, the varieties of acne treatments have grown. Some of the acne treatments use laser, skin grafts, dermabrasion and creams to combat acne.

One of the most popular acne scar removal is dermabrasion and it works by removing layers of skin gradually and stop when it finally reaches the same level as the scar tissue. Other less extensive treatment includes laser surgery that works the same way as dermabrasion. However, it uses carbon dioxide laser to remove skin layer. These two treatments will results in a smoother skin complexion.

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