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Basic Understanding Of Cystic Acne

Cystic acne is bacteria infections deep within the follicles. No one would want cystic acne since it is unpleasant experience. It mostly occurs during adolescent and is the most severe manifestation of teen acne. It can be a frustrating experience regardless of whether it is intermittent or chronic and all of us are not spared from it. Mostly all of us, adults have to endure some type of acne breakout at certain part of our lives.

For the ladies, an increase in hormone during menstrual cycle will increase cystic acne outbreaks. Although there are numerous acne types, cystic acne is the most serious form of acne vulgaris. The cystic acne lesion is also much larger in size by 5mm or more in diameter as compared to blackhead or pimples. Having cystic acne outbreak is no laughing matter and proper care should be taken to prevent it from worsening. Neglecting it may result in permanent scarring.

It usually occurs in puberty, but may also occur in the 20s and 30s. Its symptoms may include pain, inching and soreness, raised, red areas of skin, open, closed comedones, etc. If you have cystic acne outbreak, remember to seek professional help early from a doctor or dermatologist before it reaches the level of nodules and cysts.

If you are serious about recovering quickly from your ordeal, you should lead a healthy lifestyle and use the appropriate acne treatment promptly as directed. Your food intake is important and can affect your skin's health and body.

Diet has been known to control acne and other skin problems. So the next time when you have your meal, remember to eat more fruits and vegetables (rich in antioxidants) with foods that contain proteins. Instead of relying on heavy and thick moisturizers, use a cleanser will do. Washing your face at least twice per day before going to sleep and when you wake up. When going outdoors, don't forget to apply sunscreen to protect your skin against harmful ultraviolet rays.

As the lesions are prone to scarring when not taking care properly, it is good that you consult a dermatologist who would then gave you valuable advises and treatment. Dermatologists will drain the lesions and offer antibiotics for serious cases. Acne cysts are best treated with antibiotics. Cystic acne usually outbreak on the chest, face, back and shoulders. A German study concluded that smoker has a rate of up to 62% of having acne outbreak than non-smokers. If you are a smoker, you should cut down on the number of cigarette you smoke.

Never squeeze your cystic acne since it is filled with pus and it will resulted in more serious infection as well as painful inflammation spreading under your skin surface. Squeezing it will increase additional cysts and halt the recovering process and cause it to take longer time to heal and in worst case permanent scarring. Acne scarring can cause devastating psychological trauma for the sufferer. In serious cystic acne, it causes pain, continuous bleeding, unpleasant and foul-smelling discharge.

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