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Dry Skin Causes And Solutions

Intracellular matrix is vital at keeping your skin intact, smooth and healthy but if it become depleted or damaged, it will results in dry skin once it loses all its water content. If you skin becomes itchy and dry easily, most likely your skin protective outer layer has disappeared. Using moisturizers on your dry skin may help to subside the symptoms. If possible get a moisturizer that is small enough for pocket and carry it around with you. Choose to apply it only when you realize your skin has becomes dry.

As we become older, our skin loses its ability to retain moisture and is intensified by external factors such as sun, low humidity and wind. This result in our skin becoming drier, more spots, wrinkled and growths may appear. In worst scenario, your skin becomes very dry and painful as well.

Avoid using a cleanser that will cause your skin facial to your neck becomes dryer. Only apply moisturizer on your skin when it becomes dry. Too much water content on your face is not good either. At your homes, avoid force-air furnace since it will aggravate your skin dryness problem and in worst scenarios, crack and peel skin. It is alright to wash your face at least two times per day but avoid bathing so often per day or use harsh soap that will increase your skin dryness.

When applying deodorant, you should apply to your armpits and feet and no other part since it is dry and harsh and not suitable for skin. When shopping for a acne skin care products, you should avoid products that consists of benzoyl peroxide. It will aggravate your skin dryness condition. Our skin is consistently being exposed to pollutant like bacteria, chemical, dirt, irritants, etc regardless of whether we stay indoors or outdoors.

Our skin requires moisture in order to maintain a smooth and healthy skin. But during winter, retaining moisture will becomes difficult. Regardless of whether it is hot or cold environment, the main cause of skin dryness is low humidity. If you can get a humidifiers for your family, that would be good. Humidifiers are considered a good solution to overcome low humidity and it is less expensive and durable.

The best temperature for your skin is consistent temperature (68-75o F) and humidity (45-55%) according to the experts. Remember to adjust to these temperatures. Your diet can play a role in your skin dryness problem. Ensure that next time you have your meal, remember to consume lots of vegetables and fruits since it can protect against wrinkles, dry skin and acne breakout.

Your personal hygiene is also important, never touch your skin with dirty hands. Washing your face at least two times per day is essential. But avoid using astringents on your skin as it cause skin dryness. Use detergents that are label as "All-free", "Cheer-free" or "Tide-free" when washing your clothes. Avoid wearing cloth that are made of wool or other scratchy fabrics since they will increase oil production from the oil glands which is bad for you skin.

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