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Extend The Life Of Leather

  • Never wear your leather shoes all day. Leather absorbs moisture.
  • ever wear them on consecutive days either. Air a used pair at least for a day before wearing it again. It is wise to own two pairs. Black should be the staple color, and include a brown design for occasions.
  • A leather jacket if properly maintained is an item that looks better with age. A lustre, called patina, will develop with use.
  • Because of the moulding quality of leather, never lend your leather gear to another person. Otherwise, it may take on the body shape of your friend. That said, don't borrow one from someone else either. Chances are, it will look awkwardly fitted.
  • Unlike textiles, holes from pins and badges will be permanent. Stickers upon removal will scrape off dye and finish from the leather surface which may be irreparable.
  • Do not carry heavy or bulky objects in your leather bag, jacket or pant pockets. 'hey will sag, creating an irreversible awkward shape.
  • Suede is the underside of mammal skins such as pigskins. It is vulnerable to stains and tears. Be warned.
  • Tough cowhide does not expand with wear. Make sure you buy a pair of boots you feel very snug in.
  • Leather is high-maintenance. If all you want are the animalistic markings of an alligator skin or the toughness of a bulllhide, opt for pleather or PVC leather instead.

Bag Lady

Ladies, it's time to put aside those small, fussy clutch bags that can't fit anything bigger than a pack of tissue paper. Bag a place on the style express with these large tote bags that are all the rage. Celebs from Naomi Watts to Demi Moore have been spotted toting them around. Versatile and, best of all, providing lots of space for your odds and ends, we think we'll be seeing these bags around for a while vet.

Here Are Some Tips On How To Carry Off A Big Tote With Elan

  • Bags with embellishments are in this season. Think busy with extra buckles, tassels or interesting prints.
  • Alternatively, choose metallic colors, also big this season, or classic black and white for bags that can do double duty for parties at night.
  • Go casual chic with your dressing. Capris and funky sunglasses will fit the spirit of these bags perfectly.
  • While these bags might make you itch to stuff gym gear and sports shoes into them, don't overdo it, 'the bags should retain a casual, slouchy look.

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