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Eat Your Way To Luscious Locks

The gorgeous four-legged beauties with glossy fur coats paraded at dog shows never fail to turn heads. Their top-dog looks are the results of proper nutrition and rigorous grooming, courtesy of their proud owners. Likewise for human hair, dietary and grooming habits can determine its condition and appearance. If our bodies are well nourished and healthy, our hair will be our shining glory.

But if we suffer from poor health or nutritional deficiencies, our hair will look lifeless and be slow-growing. The average person has approximately 100,000 strands of hair on her head, with an average rate of growth of a mere half-inch per month. Hair follicles derive nourishment from the bloodstream and have to compete with the rest of the body for nutrients. If you want strong, luxuriant hair that grows at its maximum rate, you should maintain a well-balanced diet which provides optimum nutrition.

Protein And Carbohydrates

Hair is 98 per cent protein, so a diet that lacks protein could cause hair thinning or growth retardation. For a head of glossy hair, consume at least two servings of protein a day and large amounts of energy-giving wholegrain carbohydrates.

Vitamins And Minerals

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables provides the necessary vitamins (B, C, E, A and K) and minerals (iron, magnesium, potassium) that play a major role in healthy hair growth. Severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies can lead to thinning hair, or even baldness. Excessive hair loss could also be a sign of toxicity in your body due to excessive intake of vitamin A.

Essential Fats (EFAs)

Two essential fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-6, must be included in your diet as they cannot be produced naturally by the body. Common symptoms of essential fatty acid deficiency are dry, limp and frizzy hair. Boost your intake of EFAs by eating nuts, seeds, grains and oily fish like mackerel.

Care For Your Hair

Try to stay off or cut down on caffeine, alcohol and "dead foods" high in sugar and starch. These trigger chemical imbalances in the body, and excessive amounts could cause adverse health conditions. Though you can help prevent particular hair problems with the proper diet, no amount of vitamins can repair hair that has been neglected or chemically damaged. You must not only eat properly, but treat your hair with tender loving care too!.

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