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How These Whiteners Work?

Serums, Cleansers Or Masks. What Is The Best Form Of Skin-whitening Product?

Stay-on products are better because of the longer contact time with the skin. Whitening cleansers usually contain ingredients including exfoliating agents to help increase cell turnover, but they may not remain on long enough to take full effect. Wet cotton masks enhance absorption by creating a slight downward pressure on the face and preventing evaporation. But your skin may absorb more from creams because they can stay on for hours.

How Do I Choose A Whitening Product If I Have Dry/Oily/Combination skin?

Absorption-wise, gel products might be better for oily skin, and watery forms for dry skin.

How Long Should I Keep Using The Product To See Results?

It can take about three weeks before lighter-looking cells start replacing the old pigment-laden ones. The speed depends on how you prime your skin before application, types of chemicals used, skin receptiveness to the chemicals, user compliance and chemical concentration among other factors. Try for at least three months before deciding that a product does not work.

How Young Can One Start Using Skin Whitening Products, And Is There An Age Limit At Which You Won't Benefit From Using These Products Anymore?

There are no age limits for both cases but pigmentation problems usually occur in adults so it is unlikely that children will need these products.But youngsters should also start using sunblock, especially those with active lifestyles, to prevent skin damage.

Will Using Skin Whitening Products Early Decrease Their Effectiveness Over Time?

It is unlikely that the skin will become desensitised to the chemicals over time, but skin products are not cheap. There is also no point applying them before dark spots appear as they do not work as a prevention tool.

Is A Whitening Product Unsuitable For Me If It Stings After Applying It?

The stinging is caused by chemical irritation which tends to occur when you use a product for the first time, but it doesn't mean the product is ineffective for you. It can take one to three weeks for the skin to get used to the chemicals and you can vary the application quantity or frequency to reduce the irritation. If you have sensitive skin, it is best to test the product on a small area. If the redness persists, stop as you might have an allergy to the chemicals.

Are There Any Other Side Effects I Should Be Aware Of?

Pimples can occur due to oily products clogging skin pores. While dermatologists usually prescribe hydroquinone to lighten skin, this can cause rashes or even bluish discoloration. Those containing steroids can cause skin-thinning. Over-application may irritate the skin and cause it to become darker.

Can Men Use Skin Whitening Products Too?

Yes, they can. The skin make-up is the same for both genders and men are also susceptible to photo-ageing. However, men's skin is more greasy and thicker, so it is better to prime the skin by cleansing or exfoliating it before application. Men tend to have less-severe pigment problems because they do not experience hormonal factors like pregnancy or take drugs such as hormone pills which can affect skin color.

What Is The Best Skin Whitening Product And Why?

There is no such product as factors like the causes of pigmentation and response to chemicals differ between individuals. It is better to visit a doctor for a diagnosis. The concentration of whitening products is higher in doctors' prescriptions which make them generally more effective than those sold over the counter. Clinical studies done on whitening agents prescribed by doctors are also more in-depth.

Do I Still Need Whitening Products If I Use Sunblock Faithfully?

Sunblock helps prevent existing melanin from darkening further, and buys the skin some recovery- time to lighten by itself. However, lightening agents are needed to reduce new pigment production.

Any Other Methods To Whiten Skin?

Alternatives include intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments or chemical peels to remove darkened patches. But prevention is the key. Minimise sun exposure by wearing hats, using umbrellas or walking in the shade. Stay out of the strong sunlight from 10am to 3pm. For dry activities, apply sunblock (SPF 15 to 60) once every four to five hours. For water activities, re-apply sunblock hourly. Office-based workers can apply just once in the morning.

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