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Head Lice

It is a very common virus and is one of the first to infect very young children. It can be seen only using an electron microscope that can magnify the virus particles 70,000 or more times. It looks like a very small "golf ball" although it has 60 small hooks protruding from the surface. In two-dimensional photographs it has radiating spokes that make it look like a wheel, and it was called rotavirus because rota is Latin for wheel.

Diarrhea Doesn't Seem Like A Problem But It Kills A Child A Minute?

Almost all the deaths from rotavirus diarrhea occur in the poorest children in developing countries in Asia and Africa. There are also quite high mortality rates in many of the Latin American countries. Even though the diarrhea can be treated, rotavirus infection can lead to rapid dehydration and remains a potential life-threatening disease.

What Parents Should Look Out For As Early Signs Or Symptoms?

Vomiting and diarrhea, often associated with a fever. Who is most at risk? The majority of infections occur in the first two years of life because the child lacks immunity and the virus can grow more abundantly and cause great gut damage. Older children and adults are often infected throughout life but may not realise this - the disease can be very mild because of pre-existing immunity. Also, a very young chig their nervous systems and are safe and harmless for humans and pets, if used properly.

After consulting with your doctor or pharmacist for the best treatment plan, remember to use the "delousing agents" exactly as directed. The usual steps are: thoroughly scrub the infected area; apply the medication and leave it on for the recommended amount of time; rinse the area to remove the medicine; when the hair is dry comb out the nits with a nit comb; and repeat the treatment in another week to kill any newly hatched eggs that survived.

It is important to consult your physician or pharmacist before using any over-the-counter drugs or treatments. They will be able to advise you on proper usage and can warn you of possible side effects and contraindications.

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