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What Is Youth Penis Size?

Monday, October 2nd, 2006

Youth usually begin puberty during their early teens, and will continue to grow into their early twenties. A predictable pattern of growth and sexual development follow, first the testicles increase in size and the skin on the scrotum darkens, this follow by an increases in penis length and ultimately grow in thickness as well.

During this process, public hair which originally was fine and straighten, coarsens, thicken and spreads. The height spurt usually peaks during the middle part of puberty. Thus, you can expect an adult size penis if there are other signs of physical maturity present. It most likely has more growing to do.

So what is normal penis size for more youth? The average penis size of an adult male is usually around 5 inches. However every youth matures at a different rate and so it is difficult to determine the normal size for teenagers. However if after the puberty period is over and you notice your penis size is less-than average, do not despair as they are solution for you to enlarge your penis through penis enlargement.

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What Is The World Record For Smallest Penis?

Thursday, September 28th, 2006

Majority of men think that they have a penis much below the average in size and there are many men out there who have diminutive organs. Having a small penis can be directly affects one’s self-esteem, confidence and sexual performance in bed. No male wnat a small penis nor women as evidence by many feedbacks from them voicing out size does matter and a small penis is not for them.

Women want pleasurable sex but if a guy has a small penis, this will significant reduce the amount of pleasure women had during sex. So what is the world smallest penis? Well, the smallest penis encountered in Kinsey surveys was 1 inches while Forum study revealed it to be 4 .75 inches. There are cases reported in the medical literature of penises that do not exceed 1 cm when in full erection. These small organs are sometimes labelled with the term “micropenis”.

Thanks to medical advancement in penis enlargement, now any one who has a small penis don’t have to worry because now they can safely, effectively and efficiently enlarge their penis through 4 different methods that are proven medically to enlarge penis. The 4 methods that are gaining popularity worldwide is penis traction device, penis exercise, penis pills and penis patches.

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When Is The World’s First Penis Transplant?

Thursday, September 28th, 2006

In china, a 44-year-old male who were injured in an accident earlier this year 2006 was given the penis of a brain-dead patient half his age. Surgeons who purformed the whole procedure declared it a great success. Although male sex organs have been re-attached before, this is the first time another male’s penis has been grafted on.

The whole operation took 15 hours and surgeons have to stitched nerve fibrees and blood vessels to the donated four-inch penis. This is a very complex operation. The patient was able to urinate through his new penis in less than 10 days without the uuse of a catheter, a report in the European Journal of Urology said.

Unfortunately, due to a severe psychological problem with the recipient and his wife, the donated penis has to be removed after two weeks. Amazingly, new medical advancements really helps alot. Take for example penis enlargement methods such as penis pills, penis patches, penis traction device and penis exercises, that has help countless men worldwide achieve their desired penis. If you currently facing the problem of a small penis, don’t worry and instead focus on taking action to enlarge your penis.

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What Is The World Record For A Penis?

Thursday, September 28th, 2006

We all know that men are supposed to worry endlessly about penis size. Until now, a small penis is still thought to signal a totally inadequate lover and now scientifically studies has proven that it is the case and most women dislikes partner that has small penis. A small penis will not be able to provide immerse pleasure that women desired.

How big is the biggest? According to Wardell B. Pomeroy, the Kinsey co-worker, the longest penis encountered was ten inches. Special Forum survey published in 1970 which was conducted carefully and with detail revealed that the largest penis was found to be 9.5 inches. So from the figures above, we can roughly tell that the largest well attested penises would seem to be between 10 and 12 inches in the erect state.

Well, if you don’t have the larger penis on earth, don’t feel sad because you can still do something about it to enlarge your penis. Just like women who are unhappy with their breast size, they then take action to enlarge it naturally. So can you. It is just a matter of whether or not you are willing to take a little effort and invest a small amount of money, one time investment into fulfilling the penis size you always wanted.

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What Is The Average Penis Size Of An 18 Year Old?

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

As one goes through puberty, physically everything change and one of the significant changes will be the penis. Most men are curious to find out how their penis measure up against the rest and the best way is to use “average penis size” according to ages as a way to find out if your penis measure up with the rest of the guys.

There are numerous studies done by numerous scientific organisation to measure the average size of men worldwide So results may vary. According to reliable sources, the average erect length of 18 years old males is 6.4 inches (163 mm). The sad thing is once a guys reaches its puberty, his penis will stop growing. If the guys has a small or average penis, he will have to live with it for life.

But this is in the past, now with numerous penis methods to help enlarge penis, getting the penis size one desired is possible. Of course, a little effort, time and one time investment is needed to make it become a reality but it is worth it in the long term. No wonder males around the world are seeking penis enlargement to help them achieve the penis they alwaysw wanted.

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