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Company Vision And Mission

A company's vision and mission can play a huge role in shaping corporate culture and employee morale. A vision statement lays out what an organization wants to be. It focuses on the future; it is inspirational; it provides clear decision-making criteria; and it is timeless. On the other hand, mission statement outlines what the company is now. It focuses on today; it identifies the customer(s); it identifies the critical process(es); an dit states the level of performance.

Vision statements aim to answer the question; "If we could develop exactly the kind of company we wanted, what would it be like?" Mission statements, on the other hand, look for the answer to "why are we doing this?" Also, the mission statement is the motivational component of the vision statement and defines what is important to the individual, department and the organization.

The benefits of a clear vision and mission statement will be realized if they state the organisation's present situation and what the desired outcome will look like, and if they are written in a way that is clear and can bring intentions to life.

In Setting Mission Statements, Some Key Questions To Ask Are

  • How will we benefit? Who else will benefit?

  • What will it do for us to fulfill our vision?

  • What is most important about this work?

  • Why does this work matter?

  • What is our purpose?

  • What are we doing this?

Although vision and mission statements vary from one organisation to another, the common factors are that they state what it wants to be in the future, and the critical factors that guide its decision-making.

Growing A Business

Unique Brand

Create A Brand that is unique to you.

Have A Portable Business Model

It should be one that is applicable anywhere in the world. Franchising is a good business model because it can carry your brand overseas. Some examples are McDonalds, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and Starbucks.

Have A Business Plan

Putting down your targets and objectives helps to keep you focused. It is like a guide you can refer to as you run the business. The business plan can be reviewed every year.

Ready To Start Your Jewellery Business?

Be warned, the jewellery industry isn't all rosy, but here are real tips from people who've done it and made it. Learn from them!

  • Get used to criticism. People will tell you they hate some pieces just because.
  • But be open-minded too. Don't get defensive - after all, aesthetics are very subjective. Instead, listen to what customers say with a pinch of salt and use it constructively to improve your stuff.
  • When your piece breaks, get ready to fix it because people will expect you to.
  • Be materials-savvy. Don't waste your money on cheap parts - It might tarnish your rep! Check for quality - how it feels and how long it will last.
  • Don't be rigid when designing. Let your ideas morph and evolve as you create your pieces.
  • Regular customers bring in the dough so do market research and find out more about them and back for more!

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