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The Products Of Success

The success of your business hinges largely upon how well you identify, anticipate and meet the expectations of your target customers. Doing this involve formulating marketing strategies to help you find our who your customers are, how to reach them effectively and efficiently, and convince them to buy your product or use your service.

Marketing Management

The marketer needs to implement the marketing mix in such a way that the organization's sales and profits target and other goals can be met. To be successful, the marketer must be aware of external environmental factors beyond the organization's control, and adapt his marketing strategies to operate within these constraints and changing situations

  • Economic and technological development
  • Political and legal policies
  • Social and cultural influences
  • Business and industry practices
  • Competitive activities

Marketing Tools

The degree of success will also depend on the effectiveness of the marketing tools employed to reach the target audience and attract new customers:

Marketing Research (To Test Ideas And Measure Results)

Desk research, field research, in-depth surveys, focus group surveys etc.


Newspaper, magazine, trade journals, radio, television, cinemas, direct mail, Internet/tele-marketing, outdoor advertising etc.

Public Relations

Press releases, community projects, sponsorship programmes etc.

Marketing Events, Programmes And Promotions

Store displays, demonstrations, trade shows, exhibitions, contests and competitions, special offers and discounts etc.

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