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Five Steps To Success In Event Planning

Special events are often an integral part of a company's marketing and overall growth strategy. Such events arc especially important when you need to update your customers, prospects or employees on new products and services, as well as the progress of the company. Which is why it is important for your special events to be well ran.

However, managing an event requires resource allocation and scheduling, and can be quite stressful if not properly planned. The following are five essential steps on how to create special events that are enjoyable and hassle-free:

Know The Objective Of Your Event

What is it that you want to accomplish? Once you figure this out, everything else will move in the right direction. So you need to decide on questions such as: Do you want to make money? Do you want to let your guests know about your new products and services?

Choose A Suitable Venue For Your Event

Having a good venue is already half the battle won. This goes a long way when it comes to impressing your clients. The choice of a suitable venue is usually tied to what you want to accomplish. Do not just stick to the normal hotel venues downtown. There are other venues like museums, art galleries and fancy restaurants which will be good.

Plan Your Programme Schedule

Consider what you want the schedule to look like, from the registration of guests to the opening speech to the closing address. Make the presentations interesting. Include some entertainment, multimedia displays or performances. If you want more audience interaction, give them an incentive to participate - offer prizes for quizzes.

Know Your Event Requirements

Liaise with your suppliers early. Your programme schedule should give you an idea of the event requirements. These could include things like the audio-visual system and seating arrangements. You will also need to consider: What sort of food you want to serve, and when you want it served. Do you need emcees, photographers, entertainers, light and sound technicians, and so on? What about the decor? Will there be banners or posters? What kind of image or message do you want to bring across?

Know Your Event Date And How Much Time You Have To Plan It

You must have an event date. Depending on the crowd that you want to attract, make sure that the date chosen does not coincide with any public holiday or the school holidays. Plan your event backwards. This way, you will know exactly how much time and resources are required to accomplish the various tasks leading to the event. Proper planning will save a lot of time, effort and enemy

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