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Stages In Job Search

The job search exercise is a series of activities, each requiring serious preparation. 

The Stages Are Given Below

  • Psychological preparation it is of paramount importance that you start you job search with a positive mind frame. Do not let the current challenges in the job market. In any case, there is absolutely nothing you can do to change the situation.
  • Preparing your marketing documents these include your resume and a generic cover letter that should accompany all your job applications.
  • Finding out the various avenue of job search.
  • Sending out applications and networking letters.
  • Preparing for the eventual interview sessions.
  • Job offer negotiations.
  • Starting right, and succeeding in your new job.

Job search exercises tend to be a series of sequential activities.

Useful Pointers

  • Have a positive mind-set.
  • Be patient.
  • Work hard.
  • Keep proper records you will shortly be making many applications and talking to lots of people. Keeping proper reports is essential so your search is more organized and professional.

Dream Job, Where Are You?

Where have we heard these reasons before? Chuck the idea that job hunting is in your too-hard basket.

Work Hurdle #1: "I Don't Have Relevant Experience"

Get Over It: "Companies say they're often prepared to look past formal qualifications and relevant experience if they sense that your attitude is right for the job," says experts. "So while some job ads may specify tertiary education, if a candidate can demonstrate transferable skills, then he or she should still go ahead and submit an application."

Work Hurdle #2: "There Are No Jobs Left For Me"

Get Over It: Career website has more than 20,000 employers advertising right now. While it's still an employer's market, the economy is looking brighter than before, so there are plenty of opportunities out there.

Work Hurdle #3: "I Don't Have Time To Look"

Get Over It: Most career websites have a "job mail" facility. This allows you to get daily updates of available jobs via email - perfect for the time-deprived! They are some who even gives you SMS alerts and PDA job updates.

Work Hurdle #4: "Nobody Wants A Fresh Grad"

Get Over It: The key is to set realistic expectations. Even if you have the qualifications, don't expect people to give you a job just because you're a graduate, advises expert. And it doesn't matter if the firm is an MNC or a local one, just make sure the company has the right job scope you're after. Getting into an MNC means nothing if you're not learning anything.

Create Your Own Career Luck

In dust My Luck, Lindsay Lohan plays Ashley, who landed her dream job straight after college and got promoted fast. Plain lucky? Maybe. But there are a few things you can do to bring more good fortune your way.

Praise Yourself!

When you get something done in double-quick time, mention it casually to your peers and superiors. Say something like, "The client was tough like you said, but I'm so glad I convinced her!"

Be Super-Friendly

The mare people you know, the more people who can recommend you or give you a heads up on job opportunities.

Don't Take Your Good Luck For Granted

Be nice to everyone. Things may be going swell for you now, but as Ashley learns, no one stays lucky forever. You never know when you might need the help of someone else. Playing nice will pay off when you least expect it.

Nice Job! How'd You Get It?

"I seized the chance when I saw the advertisement. I think my education and prior experience (I studied social work in university and I worked at a centre placing people with disabilities) definitely helped." Cecilia, 27.

"I'm comic books and I've loved to draw since I was a child. I started by sending my illustrations to magazines and soon after jobs started coming in." Charlene, 26.

"I majored in marketing and had been on the lookout for a cosmetics-related marketing position ever since. A good friend told me there was a vacancy for this job and by some stroke of luck, I got it!" Celia, 24.

"My friend knew the producer and they were looking for people to work on a fashion series, so I went for the interview and the rest is history." Joanne, 23.


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