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Marketing Documents

You should take time and efforts to prepare your marketing materials. These are important as they are probably going to affect your chances of securing a job interview, or being filed away in the dustbin! There are two key documents you have to prepare, a resume and a generic cover letter.

The Essential Information In Your Resume Should Include, In This Order

  • Name and contact details
  • Career Objective
  • Summary of key skills, knowledge and talent
  • Listing of work experience, if any
  • Academic Qualifications
  • Personal information i.e. citizenship, gender, age and the likes. You may include hobbies too.

Your Resume Should Not Be More Than Two-Pages Long

A generic cover letter can be used to apply for an advertised position. However, do not take time and effort to tailor-make each one to the specific role you are applying for. Use white, A4-sized bond paper, print originals and avoid photocopies. If you have to send your resume via e-mail, consider creating a text-format version or sticking it on the e-mail message itself. Fear of viruses can deter recipients form opening up your file attachment.

The Perfect Resume Recipe

Putting your CV together is not a quick 10 minute job! It's got to look professional. Follow these pointers and you should be safe.

Customise Cover Letters

Address it to the specific company. Don't annoy a prospective employer by sending an application addressed to another organisation.

Include All Personal Particulars

You'd be surprised by how many resumes are submitted without names and contact numbers!

List Employment And Education History

Present it in chronological order, starting with the current/most recent, include temporary or contract positions if you don't have much work experience.

List Skills And Certifications

Include only those relevant to your application

References Are A Plus

They're not compulsory but if your ex-bosses have great things to say about you, then by all means include them!


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