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Avoiding The Pitfalls

One common mistake in switching careers is the failure to plan. When a person switches careers because he/she is bored or motivated by higher salaries offered in other industries, he/she is likely to act in haste. Such switches are likely to fail, as he/she would not have conducted thorough research on the industries of interest and would not know how to go about selling skills to prospective employers.

If he/she does not secure a new job, he/she may soon discover that it is not the right fit and that he/she is just as unfulfilled and unmotivated as he/she was in his previous job. Another error is not seeking proper guidance. In ensuring a successful career switch, a person needs to seek out his contacts and identify the people whom he/she can turn to for industry information and advice.

Speaking to an experienced career coach is a good move. A career coach will help ensure that your plan is sound and objective. He will also help to ease the pressures of a job search, making sure that you do not jump at the first opportunity that comes along. A career switch can energise ones career and bring a higher level of job fulfillment and motivation. However one must be prepared to work hard and make sacrifices. Careful consideration, proper planning and sound advice will help towards making your career switch a successful one.

Face Up To Challenges At Work

Experiences - both good and bad - have to do with what is inside you than what is outside. Regardless of external events, your attitude exerts the final influence on your experience. In the end, it is you, and only you, who can decide how you would feel, and whether you find your work worthwhile or your life worth living.

Work can be a bore. But work can also be exciting. Two men working in the same environment and with the same people can have opposite experiences. One may find the work enriching while the other, tormenting. Similarly, two men serving the same group of customers may not have the same experience. One may find the customers easy to serve while the other thinks they are a pain. Why is this so?

Sometimes, it is true that there are difficult people around you, and you do not have much control over this problem, although you are able to exert some influence on their attitude and behavior. But often, it has much to do with yourself. You bring .with you a certain attitude to work. This attitude, in turn, influences how you perceive the work and people around you, and, subsequently, determines what you experience and how you respond.

Here Is An Illustration

A group of rabbits were travelling through the woods when two of them - Buns and Bunny - fell into a ditch. Both rabbits tried as hard as they could to jump out of the ditch. But the ditch was too deep for them to escape. Buns, being cynical and pessimistic, was sure that the other rabbits would not help. But Bunny, a generally amicable and optimistic rabbit, was sure that they would.

Then all the other rabbits gathered around the ditch and began to shout and cheer the two rabbits on, as they tried as hard as they could to escape from their predicament. Buns became discouraged and demoralised when he heard the shouting and cheering of the other rabbits, for he thought they were booing and jeering him.

He gave up trying after a short while, and never escaped from the ditch. But Bunny became more emboldened when he heard the shouting and cheering, for he was sure that his friends were encouraging him on. Within a few minutes, he was out of the ditch - with a new experience.

What Is The Moral Of This Parable?

Do not assume that your colleagues, customers or bosses are out there to harm you. Often, your negative attitudes and assumptions about people have no real basis. And many - times, they serve only to undermine your ability to do a good job. Instead, learn to see people in a more positive light than ~ already do. It might just help you steer your way through work greater ease. Perceptions are se fulfilling. They tend to perpetuate themselves in positive virtual cycles or negative vicious circles. Watch what you think.

Criticisms, whether called for not, are demoralising; as much encouragement, whether deserved o not, are invigorating. People like someone who h something good to say about them or to them, but dislike someone who criticises them. Therefore, it is not only essential, but necessary to practise the art of praise and encouragement (and unlearn the habit of criticism if you are guilty of it), if you are really serious about being a better-respected employee, boss or customer service professional. Watch what you say.

Pessimism makes easy work difficult, but optimism makes difficult work challenging and, possibly, enjoyable. While a die-hard attitude helps you to go against all odds, a "sure-die" attitude disposes you to multiply the odds in despair.

To Convey A Clearer Picture

Two mice fell into a vessel of cream. Overwhelmed by the difficult task of getting out, the first mouse gave up and drowned: But the other mouse was determined to fight on, and started thrashing and churning as fast as it could. The milk soon turned into butter, and it climbed out. Two mice, one situation, two different outcomes. Experience is not what happens to you; it is what you do with what happens to you.

Ultimately, in life and at work, your ability to do well depends on what you focus on. Focus on the difficulty, and you will soon lose the nerve and verve to fight on. But focus on learning and progressing, and you will eventually find enough courage to beat the odds. In the real world, work and people are not always easy to handle.

Problems abound. Misunderstandings happen frequently. And unreasonable demands are not uncommon. In order to survive (better yet, excel), it is necessary to adopt a positive attitude from within. The bad news is that, sometimes, a positive attitude is all you can have. But are not always easy to handle. Problems abound.

Misunderstandings happen frequently. And unreasonable demands are not uncommon. In order to survive (better yet, excel), it is necessary to adopt a positive attitude from within. The bad news is that, sometimes, a positive attitude is all you can have. But conversely, in many instances, a positive attitude is all you need to do well in life.


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