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Making The Switch

If You Are A Mid-Career Professional...

  • Capitalize on your experience from past jobs to help you to determine your strengths, likes and dislikes.
  • Think of the jobs that you enjoyed most and recognize those you liked the least, and why.
  • Think about the job scope, the responsibilities, your bosses management styles, the environment, the company and things specific to the industry and profession. What do you like and dislike about them and why.
  • Think of the functional skills you have acquired and identify the ones that might be transferable.
  • Market yourself appropriately through your network of contacts and make people see the value that you can bring.

If You On Your First Job...

  • You have two or three years of work experience and find that you are in the wrong job. You should look back at your school days for clues and indications.
  • What were your achievements in school? Which subjects did you enjoy most and excel in? Which subjects did you dislike? Why?
  • What types of activities did you enjoy most in school? What role did you usually play in a team project? Did you work best alone or in a team?
  • Did you enjoy a changing environment or prefer a structured one?
  • Do you work best with numbers, words or pictures?

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