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Time Management

Strive for efficiency and effectiveness at work. Prioritise your days activities and do not be afraid to say not to your colleagues requests for your time. Setting aside blocks of time to finish a project or meet a deadline will be more effective in completing core tasks. Think about cutting out a level in the project review process.

Do projects really need to be signed off at all levels of management or can a few steps be removed? You will be surprised how this reduces stress and accelerates productivity. Strive for the most effective and appropriate form of communication whether it is email, phone or face-to-face.

Do not dither on an email when a 30-second conversation will deliver the same result. Ask for information in terms of urgency and relevance to your work. When communicating, be clear in what you want. Make sure your colleagues truly know what is expected of them, and give them the tools and resources needed to accomplish their goals.

Pace yourself. Work long hours if that is what quality not politics demands. Set priorities and eliminate a few routine, time-consuming tasks from your workload. Schedule some normal time in your life. When fighting stress, go for activities that are the opposite of your regular work. For instance, if you sit at a computer all day, do something that is active or verbal after-hours.

If you do not manage your diary effectively, the number and length of meetings in a day will get out of control. Meetings are effective in getting work done but may also be a waste of time. Question the purpose of the meeting and the need for your involvement. For the meetings you attend, communicate to the organizer the amount of time you have available.

If the meeting is going off tangent, bring the focus back to the topic on hand. Shuffle the deck if you need more time to complete a project. Quickly assess other items on your list that might be dropped, delegated, delayed or done with less polish to allow the extra time you need. If you find yourself being driven by the clock on a creative task, take a rejuvenating break, or distract yourself for a while to take some of the pressure off.

Professional development is important for your career aspirations and ambitions and deserves your discipline, attention and effort. By pushing back additional work requests and working efficiently, you will find the time in your day to focus on how you can improve, innovate and professionally grow.


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