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Make A Smooth Switch

Switching careers does not have to be tedious or painful. With proper planning and a sound strategy, your career switch can be successful. But you have to do some hardwork before you can make the move: Here is how to make it painless.

Know Yourself

Understand what gives you job satisfaction. Do you know which of your skill sets you still enjoy using? What interests you most at this point in your career? What are the most important values? Are your career demands aligned to these values?

Know The Marketplace And Trends

Research and understand the industry trends, the requirements of organizations within these industries or even another department within your current company. What careers are in demand in the marketplace right now? Can you fill that demand? What transferable skills can you bring to these new opportunities

Research And Network

Talk to people and learn as much as possible about the new career that you are considering.

Feasibility Test

Determine how much of your skills are transferable. Are you switching jobs within a similar industry? The further you move away from your experience, the longer the switch will take.

Consider Other Factors

Ask yourself: How versatile are you in facing these challenges? How fast can you learn? How long can you wait? How long can the company wait before you are productive? How does your family feel about the switch? How well can you present yourself to your prospective employer?

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