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Move On To Move Ahead

A job for life is not a realistic goal these days. Here are five tips to help you progress from one job to another.

Step 1: Discover Yourself

Whether you are contented to be an employee or aspire to be an entrepreneur, you need to discover your true self - the self you are designed to be, with your unique strengths and talents. Choose a vocation that suits you and experience a lifetime of joy and growth doing the work you enjoy. Key components include your skills, life purpose, passion, values, experience, perceived barriers, expertise, network, drive and the number of dependants you have

Step 2: Research The Market

With the information gathered in the first step, research what the market wants and the opportunities available for you as an individual. An awareness of market trends and growth opportunity is mandatory. Use tools such as Internet search engines, the classified advertisements and your network. It is even better if you can spot upcoming trends.

Step 3: Identify Your Niche

Once you have explored the opportunities available, you can pursue a full-time position in the job market as an employee, or become a freelancer or an entrepreneur. Set an objective and plan your route of advance. Then execute your plan.

Step 4: Live Your Plan

If you choose to remain an employee, focus your efforts on job search strategies, resume design secrets, power interview skills, job offer evaluation and remuneration negotiations. If you opt to become a freelancer or an entrepreneur, concentrate on bundling your skills and experience, designing a unique value preposition, targeting prospective clients, delivering great value and quality service, and building your portfolio or business.

Step 5: Evaluate Your Results

Measure your progress against your preset targets in Step 3. Without targets, you cannot tell if you are on or off track. Spend time setting clear targets. If you like the result, build on what you have achieved and change strategy. In this last step, loop back to any step in the process, depending on your results, situation and aspiration. Remember, take time to plan your career, and it can make you feel a lot happier and more satisfied with the job you will eventually get.

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