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Clean Up The Clutter

Boost your productivity by setting up an organized system of filing.

Paper Filing

Gather It In One Place

When dealing with paper filing, gather it all in one central location. You may choose to put it in a box or a folder. Have one specific place for all filing.

Allocate 15 Minutes A Week To File

Be more productive with your time, allocate 15 minutes each week. Initially, it may take you longer to catch up if you have a large pile, but 15 minutes will be adequate once you have everything in place. Make time for it.

Set Up Filing Systems

If you have filing cabinets, ensure the allocation of space has a sense of order. For example, keep all current customer files in one drawer and potential customer files and marketing information in separate drawers. This will make it easier to locate the files quickly. Label the front of the filing cabinet with the type of files contained inside.

Using Color Coding To Systemize Your Files

Invest in color manila folders and make a list of what each color represents. For instance Orange = customer files, blue = personal, purple = staff, etc. This way, when you glance into your filing cabinet, you can quickly find what you are looking for. You may also choose to file same-color files together.

Set Up Colored Day Files

Use a specific color for each day of the week, for example, blue for Monday, pink for Tuesday, and so on. Check your folder for the day for documents relating to activities for that day. When you receive a document that requires action on a certain day, place it in the colored file allocated for that day.

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