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Managing Job Overload

Too Much Work, A Little Time? Be In Control With These Six Simple Steps

Be Clear About Your Job Description

What are your key objectives and priorities? Find out whether there is training for your role so that you get to know as much as possible about your job. Also, take note of what behavior reaps rewards and what will be penalized so you know what to focus on.

Know The Corporate Culture And Strategy

An organisations strategy is usually expressed by its mission statement. Make sure that you perform the tasks necessary to contribute to the strategy. The companys corporate culture is also important, particularly if you are a new member of the staff. Try to ensure that your actions are in line with what is expected.

Find Out Who The Top Achievers Are

This will help you generate the same kind of success. Observe what they do and learn from them.

Acquire The People And Resources To Do Your Job

Good people and adequate resources make it easier for you to do a getter job. If you dont have them, work on obtaining them.

Check Your Priorities

By this time, you should have a getter understanding of your job and the resources you need. Talk to your boss and confirm what constitutes a good performance. If there are inconsistencies, this is the best time to discuss how they can be managed.

Take Action

At this point you should be fully aware of the most important and least important things to do. If you can drop the less important jobs, do so. If you are unable to, delegate them or negotiate for more time to do them. If you feel you need more training or resources to do your job, request for them.

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