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How To Deal With Colleagues?

Insecure Colleagues

Insecure colleagues like to boost their self-imby criticizing others or throwing tantrums. They are also quick to justify or even defend whatever they say or do, even if they are not the ones being directly criticized. Insecure colleagues can be a very dangerous breed because insecurity often comes with a big dose of paranoia and paranoid people can be highly erratic. It may be difficult, but reassure them to build up their self-esteem. Do not snap back at them to see the problem from their point of view. Ignore temper tantrums by remaining silent.

Negative Colleagues

Negative people are very damaging because they affect those around them, and they are usually trying to protect themselves from future failure. Often, you can identify the negative types. They like to gripe about this or that aspect of the workplace. If you take it to hear, you may well become negative too. To silence negative colleagues, simply ask them why they do not seek work elsewhere, since they are unhappy with so many things at the current workplace.

Pleasant Colleagues

Pleasant, easygoing people are fun to hang out with, but on occasion, they can be unreliable, which creates a problem because you really do not want to hurt their feelings. Problems with this type of colleagues tend to arise because they may have trouble saying "no" to people, which ends up with them trying to please everyone and failing to please anyone. If you have to work with someone like this, be sure to keep an eye on their projects. You can't let them get on with things on their own if you want to ensure that things get delivered.

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