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Create First Impress That Lasts

In an increasingly complex world, creating the right first impression is an important skill to acquire. The first impression lasts long after the first encounter. Even if you cannot remember a person's name, you can still recall an image. A good, long-lasting impression usually stems from a positive review of that person. When you achieve this, half the battle is won. Here are some tips on how you can create that impeccable first impression:


Slouching or standing on one leg gives others a very negative impression of yourself. They may think you are lazy, rude or simply indifferent. A man who wants to be viewed as confident should stand in a gentlemanly manner - with both legs slightly apart in a V shape. He must adopt a "stomach in, chest out" position, and look straight ahead. Where he places his hands is also crucial. He may place his arms either by his side or lock his hands together in front.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is very important on all occasions. It goes to show that you are interested in both the conversation and the person you arc talking to. Established eye contact means that you have noticed his presence and are acknowledging it. For Americans, especially, direct eye contact is a must.


Many women lament that their male counterparts look so glum and serious, and do not smile enough. Actually, a smile is the best disguise. The world-famous Mona Lisa painting is enigmatic because her smile can be interpreted in so many ways. A smile is a positive assertion that you have noticed someone from a distance. A smile, albeit small or puts others at ease and helps break the ice.

We speaks to a team of image creators for a head-to-toe list of dos and don'ts that may come in handy for those who want to project your best assets.



  • Select a style that complements you
  • Keep hair short and combed for men. Light styling products can be used to keep hair in place.
  • Go to a hairstylist who knows what he's doing. A good cut by an experienced hairstylist requires less styling and helps one to look more groomed and professional.


  • Allow a perm, rebonding or hair color job to grow out. It looks unsightly and implies a lack of attention to personal grooming.
  • Let hairstyles cover the eyes or select a cut that sweeps too closely to the face.
  • Neglect hair color. Dull colors give the appearance of tiredness and a lack of effort. But greying hair may be a sign of wisdom.

Make-Up And Skincare


  • Dab on blusher and lipstick for women, and consider a light dust of matte powder for men to get rid of the shine.
  • Carry with you some oil blotters to discreetly remove shine
  • Use a scrub or mask the night before a public appearance to give the skin a radiant glow.


  • Go without make-up, for women. A little color goes a long way in brightening up a tired mien.
  • Wear bright red or cherry lip color. Try wine or berry reds instead.



  • Try different fabrics to create variety. Fashion designer Frederick  suggests a linen shirt for men which can be left untucked for a breezy look. 
  • Wear shirts with modern detailing like a higher collar and a slimmer fit.


  • Wear a wind-breaker. It is too casual, lacks shape and is unflattering. Show off the outline of a singlet under a shirt for men. Try shirts in a heavier ply instead.
  • Throw on that familiar polo shirt for every other event, so as to avoid looking like you are in a golf tournament.
  • Tuck your shirt into your high-waisted trousers for women. This appears dated and shortens the body.

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