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Steer Clear Of The Traps

To complete a project successfully, it is important to know the pitfalls so that you can avoid them. Here are some common traps that, when not fully recognised, can lead to unpleasant surprises:

Each Project Differs In Some Way

If all your projects were exactly the same, you could simply use a cookiecutter approach to crank them out. Although projects may share some similarities, a new project could contain several unfamiliar elements that can completely throw you off balance.

Projects Are Often Constrained By Finite Conditions

It is not unusual for project sponsors or clients to ask for low cost, fast completion, high quality and many features in the final project deliverables. Trade-offs become necessary unless the project is blessed with an infinite schedule and an unlimited budget. The trade-offs might constrain the number of features, limit the quality, or both.

People Chronically Underestimate Time And Effort

Deriving realistic project estimates can be difficult. To complicate matters, people often feel pressured to further "reduce the truth" - that is, when they put together a bid, they tend to minimise the time, cost or other resources needed. Whenever management pushes people to underestimate this way - perhaps for fear of losing the project-the risks can easily overwhelm and even destroy the project's success.

Project Requirements Are Typically Fuzzy At The Beginning

Whether you are talking to a client, your boss, your colleagues or your clients to figure out what the project should produce, whatever they say initially may sound as clear as a bell in some areas but very sketchy in other.. Getting clarification on the frizzy parts might entail many conversations with many people, and much more time than anybody ever imagined.

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