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Stop Sabotaging Your Own Career

Building a better working relationship with your boss can unlock a variety of future possibilities. Your boss determines how much money you make, what kind of experience yon gain, how much authority you have, as well as when and what the next step of your career will be. A key role of every employee is to support the boss.

What Do Bosses Want From Their Employees?

Loyalty: Bosses want loyalty. The fastest way to organisational suicide is to speak negatively about your boss to others. Your peers may encourage that kind of negative talk, but later use it against you. It is to their advantage if they can eliminate potential competitors.

Advice: Bosses want good advice. Good advice is extremely hard to come by because the kinds of people who are capable of giving it are relatively rare in organisational life. Of course, when you give advice, make sure that it does not appear to be challenging your boss's authority.

Dependability: Make sure you develop the competency and skills to do the work assigned to you by your boss. Make sure everything you do is delivered on time, within the resources allocated to you, meets requirements and shows pride of craftsmanship.

Here Are Some Dos And Don'ts To Building A Better Relationship With Your Boss

  • Understand your boss's priorities.
  • It is your job to polish your boss's reputation.
  • Make a conscious effort to fit in the organisation.
  • Develop personal and professional goals and work to achieve them.
  • Be sensitive to your boss' work style.
  • Give your boss sincere feedback when he does something good.
  • Volunteer for difficult and unwanted assignments.
  • Do not walk into your boss' office with a problem but no solution to offer.
  • Take responsibility for your mistakes.
  • Do not let the whole world know when you are disappointed or when you feel the system has been unfair.
  • Do not badmouth your boss.

Remember Early in your career, experience is more valuable than money. You want a boss who allows you to learn something. A boss who trusts you will give you opportunities that may change your life. Do not complain about your boss to his boss. You will develop a reputation for disloyalty that senior executives may hold against you.


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