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Casualty Of Office Wars

Career development is very competitive these days. It is in your best interest to be aware of negative politics. Negative politics is all about self-interest and personal gain. It is manipulating the behavior of others to achieve personal gain at the expense of organisational goals. Engaging in negative politics can lead to career suicide.

Office politics encourage hypocrisy, secrecy, rumour-mongering, power brokering and these are not good for team work.

People Who Engage In Negative Politics...

  • Never miss an opportunity to reinforce failure in others,
  • Like to disseminate inaccurate or distorted information about people or circumstances, and tend to use "force" whether it is their position of power or the threat of withholding information - to get what they want.

Those who indulge in office politics have one thing in common: They treat life as a competition and adopt a win/lose mentality that demands they must win at any cost. They skillfully blend truths and lies. People engage in office politics for a number of reasons which may include the following:

  • They want to feed their hungry egos and sagging self-esteem.
  • They perceive winning as their right.
  • They want to exact revenge on someone whom they think has done them wrong.
  • They hope to offset then' feelings of insecurity by slandering and/or discrediting someone's work.

At work, employees need to maximise their energies and look for ways to work with each other. But negative politics can take your attention away from work. If you are not careful, you might even end up committing career suicide. Steer clear of office politics.

Stick To The Following Guidelines As Much As You Can

  • Stay out of gossip.
  • Do not spread rumours about your colleagues.
  • Do not assume that any infer motion shared will stay confidential.
  • Cultivate a positive, professional image of yourself and maintain it.
  • Be genuine in your relationships with colleagues.
  • Treat everybody with respect and do not underestimate anyone.
  • Never destroy a co-worker's work or malign him to score points.
  • Do not intimidate your superiors.
  • Make your manager look good.
  • Make your manager's priorities your priorities.
  • Move up the career ladder on your own merits.

Improve Your Work Performance By Focusing On

  • The aspects of your job that are perceived to contribute towards achieving your organisation's goals,
  • Things that arc perceived to be valuable in your organisational culture,
  • Networking extensively throughout the organisation, not letting people down,
  • Giving advice, support or information with no strings attached, and
  • Creating a positive political environment by being competent, and building credibility and trust through consistent and honest dealings.

Engage in positive politics. Positive politics focuses on adding value to relationships. It is about identifying mutual goals and hatching win-win strategies that will help you develop synergistic relationships with your peers and bosses.


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