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Interview Questions You May Be Asked

Before attending an interview you should think about your responses to the following questions. Your answers may depend on the job or company in question, so you should go through your responses just before each interview.

Why Do You Want This Job?

Think carefully about this question. Stress the positive aspects which have attracted you to applying for this position. Do not mention the negative aspects of your current jobs or the job in question.

What Qualities Do You Think Will Be Required For This Job?

Their advertisement for the job may help you a little bit, but you should also think of other the other qualities that may be required. These may include leadership ability, supervisory skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, problem solving, analytical skills, etc

What Can You Contribute?

This is your chance to shine. Tell them about your previous position(s) which are relevant to the new position you are applying for.

What Do You Want To Work For This Company?

Emphasize the positive reasons why you want to join their company, but avoid aspects such as more money or shorter hours. These would not endear you to a prospective employer.

What Do You Know About This Company?

This is your chance to impress the interviewer with your knowledge of their company. Give them a run down of their products/services, sales figures, news, company figures, customers, etc.

Instant Career Makeover

Have absolutely no idea what job you should do or where your career's headed? Don't stress, everyone's had a "what the hell am I going to do with my life?" freak-out. "What you enjoy doing is what you should be doing for a living," says experts "You should want to do your job even if you weren't getting paid for it. You have all the skills you need to have a successful and fantastic career, you just need to work out what jobs suit your personal attribute best." How? It's all about this five-step plan:

Step 1: Keep A Career Diary!

Write down all the things that interest and excite you. If a magazine story about charities jumps out, jot that down. If you see an ad on TV you can relate to, make a note of it. Think about and list down your best qualities and strengths. There are heaps of personality tests on the Web that might serve as crystal ball and show you the way! Try com, and

Step 2: Check Out The Classifieds

There are a ton of jobs you may never have heard of, but one of them could be totally perfect for you. Like what, you ask? Let's say you enjoy working with food and people - ever considered a career as a dietician? Or perhaps you're into kids and reading. How about being a children's book editor? If you're creative and addicted to the Web, maybe a career in website design is the way to go.

Step 3: Talk To People In Your Desire Industry

Find out what training you need and which of your past experiences can be counted as an asset. Ask for an insider's view into the industry.

Step 4: Build Up Your Work Experience

Internships, part-time jobs, even volunteer gigs can help you gain more insight into the industry, and could even help you land a job. Don't scoff at small jobs like doing coffee runs - everyone's gotta start somewhere!

Step 5: Do Your Research

Once you've decided on the industry and type of job you're interested in, find out what makes the company successful, what makes them stand out from their competitors, and focus on the unique `personality' of the company, says expert.


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