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Resume Tips

  • Keep your resume to one page if possible, certainly no longer than two pages.
  • Layout is just as important as content. Avoid excessive punctuation and allow for plenty of white space in the margins.
  • Be clear and concise and avoid a narrative format. Employers view resumes very quickly. Make sure every word on your resume is important and contributes to your goal of obtaining an interview.
  • You may choose to include a brief career objective on your resume. If you do not, be specific in the letter of application as to the position you are seeking and why you are qualified for the position.
  • Emphasize special skills you possess which are particularly relevant to the position you are seeking.
  • Emphasize promotions, recognitions and evidence of leadership.
  • Highlight strong points and minimize limitations through effective resume construction techniques.
  • Exclude information which might be misinterpreted or form a negative impression.
  • Prepare several rough drafts of your resume. Have your friends and references review your rough.

How To Blitz Any Interview

Interview Dos

  • Prepare For Commonly Asked Questions. Know your career direction and be able to say why you want the job.
  • Listen Attentively and answer in a concise and polite manner.
  • Talk! Ask relevant questions about the job such as responsibilities and growth prospects
  • Sell Your Skills and say how you can contribute.

Interview Don'ts

  • Wait Until You're Over Your Current Job before you start looking for a new gig. But be clear about what you want from your next job - the question will come up.
  • Talk Too Fast or fidget.
  • Dress Down. It's better to go too formal than too casual.
  • Talk Money until the next interview appointment.
  • Get All Victimy about not getting the job. Make every interview a learning experience and think about how to improve at your next one.

Get Ahead Faster!

What's The Best Way To Get Ahead?

Definitely through networking. Young people are usually too shy or too scared to network. But times have changed -you can't be working in a personal fortress anymore. You've got to know what's going on, let yourself be heard and find out if there's anything better out there.

How Do I Ask For A Pay Rise?

Know where you're coming from and what justifies your salary bump. Everyone's paid differently, so going to your boss and saying "Eileen is being paid more for the same post" isn't going to score you any points. Let your boss know what you've done, how you've exceeded expectations and how you've added value to the organisation. The annual appraisal is always a good time to bring it up.

How Can I Get Promoted Quicker?

Put your hand out! The quietest person isn't going to get heard so do some internal PR to promote yourself. But more importantly, show that you're up to the task.


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