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All of us have our idiosyncrasies, including your boss. Learn and find out more about how he prefers to have his reports done, how frequently he wants to be updated on your work progress, etc. You may do well to find out these preferences from colleagues and even your bosss secretary.

Get To Know Your Team

The key here to remember is this: You have to blend in with your colleagues and no the other way around. Be willing to listen to others, to share the additional workload when it comes. Never, ever impose your values on them nor compare how your ex-company does things. Forget about what you have been used to in your previous job. Once you are accepted and taken as one of them, you will be on your way to focusing more on your work.

Under Your Job And What's Expected Of You

A high proportion of new hires fail in their jobs, not because they are incompetent not because they fail to clarify what is expected of them. You may have been told of your areas of responsibility during the interview session but it could be worth your while to sit down with your boss and document what the key success factors are during your probation period. Establish your performance measures and targets so there will not be any surprises when it comes to probation review time.

Understand Cultural Aspects And The Way Things Are Done

Take time to understand from your colleagues how things are generally done in your department. For example, most lunch hours are of an hours duration. If your company is very stringent about this and expects you to return to your work place before or upon the expiry of that hour, you should toe the line. Find out the norms when dress codes are concerned too.

Consider Your Training Needs

Find out your companys policies with regards to training courses sponsorship. Then it is opportune, broach the subject of training to demonstrate to your boss that you would like to improve and better yourself so you can be more effective in your job.

Identity Mentors

Find a mentor or sponsor who can give you some of the softer information, or use your networking skills to cultivate useful contacts both inside and outside the organization. Other people who have recently joined may provide useful insights.

Get Yourself Known

Take steps to make yourself known beyond your department. Use your networking skills to establish key contacts in other divisions and try to draw out what their priorities are and where any conflicts between your departments may arise. Invest in your relationship with external suppliers too.

Consider The Impression You Make

What kind of image are you projecting of yourself? Someone who is on-the-ball and who can be trusted to get the job done, or someone who likes to gossip along the corridors and shirk additional responsibilities? The answer would be pretty obvious but you must take the effort to make this known to your bosses. Visibility could be very useful during your initial months, and even beyond.

The Office

Believe it or not, reality shows can provide the solutions to workplace problems.

It's Just Like: American Idol

How So? Glowing reviews are everything. If the bosses are on your side, chances of you being loved and accepted by everyone else increases.

Win It! Try not to fall out of the bigwig's radar. There's nothing that bitchy receptionist can do if your boss sings your praises all the time. People want to be seen with the Golden Child. So as long as you continue to deliver the right tunes, you're through to the next round and you may even come out the champ.

It's Just Like: Project Runway

How So? Managing models-from-hell is like managing co-workers who think they can get away with everything because of their good looks and their flashy aura.

Win It! Do what the designers did. On the next project, choose your team wisely. Avoid the ones who tend to rip everything apart but always succeed in coming out unscathed because "the boss and I are chums!" Choose people who'll do their best to work with and fulfil your vision. And steer clear of the office Wendy Pepper!

It's Just Like: The Apprentice

How So? Everyone's desperately trying to impress the boss. And most of your colleagues fancy themselves as next in line!

Win It! if you have to take two people into the boardroom with you, don't use it to get the most annoying but still productive member of the team booted. Be objective. You don't want to be sacked for making emotional decisions in a professional environment.


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