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To ensure that you succeed, what you really need to know is how the final decision on who the company is going to employ, will be made. An experienced interviewer assesses candidates against the requirements of the position by matching all their abilities, skills, experience and knowledge against those needed to get the job done.

The all-important list of skills and qualities is often referred to as a person specification, and usually the very best person for the job is the candidate whose abilities best match the list. Having said that, it is not always quite that simple because some information seems to carry far more weight than others.

And recent research by psychologists suggests that recruiting decisions are made entirely on just six factor. The first is your personality. It is not just how you come across as a person, but also how you look and present yourself to other people. Appearance does still count for a great deal, and it is still possible to lose out on a job just because you failed to hit it off with the interviewer concerned.

Politeness, excellent manners, a very businesslike appearance and confident body language will help you to create the correct first impression, and if you can strike up a rapport with the interviewer, then you will be well on the way to clinching that job. Experience is next on the employers wish list, followed by relevant qualification, and the most important factor your work background.

Your previous track record says a lot about you, and employers are pretty shrewd when it comes to picking up on this. Recruiters looking to fill an important position will tend to lean more towards people whose career has shown very definite high-flying progression either by moving on to bigger and better jobs, or by staying with the same firm but being promoted internally again and again, climbing that corporate ladder all the way to the top.

Conversely, employers are extremely wary of job hoppers who have never spent more than six months or a year in one place, as this smacks of restlessness and an ability to settle down. If you are worried that your erratic employment history may hold you back, think about how instead you can put a positive spin on your experience. Perhaps doing many different jobs has given you vast and extensive knowledge of a particular industry, or means that you know exactly what it is that you want to do.

Enthusiasm is believed to the fifth most important factor in the recruiters selection process, although some employers will put this much higher. An interviewer wants the ideal candidates to be highly motivated, interested and up for the job they have applied for. And finally, your general level of education weighs in at number six. This list can make interview success look like something of a tall order, but remember, employers rarely find their absolutely ideal candidate, and recruitment can quite often be a compromise.

But it does make it all the more important that you create an extremely powerful and positive impression in the interviewers mind, as well as ensuring that you make the link between your experience, skills and general work background to the job in questions. If you can leave the interviewer with the impression that you are a keen, energetic and highly motivated individual with a genuine passion for the work and the company concerned, then the job may be yours for the taking.


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