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It Pays To Build Up Your Expertise

If you are a pharmaceutical representative or thinking of becoming one, there are some things you can do to learn more about the pharmaceutical industry.

Study The Competition

Make a list of companies which are competitors to the drags you are promoting and study them daily. Start with five companies and go to their websites. Learn about the products that these companies own and promote. Check out each company's history, financial status, and plans in the pipeline. Devour any bit of information that you can find on each competitor.

Stay Updated On The Competition

Watch television. It is no secret that pharmaceutical companies love to advertise. While spending time in front of the television, keep a pen and notepad nearby. Whenever you see a commercial for a pharmaceutical product, write down its name. If the company logo appears, write it down too. Catch the major selling points that the commercial makes about the product and keep them in mind.

Predict Your Products Future

Consider the future
  • What will it be like, especially in view of today's dynamic pharmaceutical environment?
  • Would your products remain viable when it comes to meeting health-care needs for the future?
  • What changes are required for you and your products to succeed in the future health-care environment?

Define Your Core Values

What are your core values? Integrity? Excellence? Customer focus? Core values will help you to align your work with your goals. They define purpose and what you stand for and against. When you use values to clearly define what you stand for, your attention focuses on these values. By changing your attention, you will change your reality.

Develop Your Sales Skills

In the pharmaceutical marketplace, cultivating your knowledge and skills in the following areas will form an integral part of your sales expertise:
  • Networking
  • Listening
  • Advocacy
  • Medical technology
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Managing customer resistance
  • Demonstration
  • Marketplace identification
  • Growth evaluation
  • Target-setting
  • Resource allocation

Write Down Your Goals

One of your responsibilities is to communicate your goals to yourself and to others. Write an overall objective, such as a motto or catchy phrase, to communicate your goals, which should also reflect your core values, as much as possible. It takes commitment to define, plan and reinforce your future in pharmaceutical sales. Begin by planning how you will succeed now.

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