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Thinking Of The Right Moves

There are often different ways to look at the same issue, different aspects of the same situation and different solutions to the same problem. Only rarely are there clear-cut right or wrong answers. But usually, there is no one best option. Hence, good thinking skills are essential, which is why major corporations invest millions of dollars each year to teach their management people advanced thinking skills.

The ability to think critically and competently makes the difference between being effective and ineffective. A person who can think effectively has more mental resources to help him excel than his peers. Competent thinkers are generally intelligent and effective individuals who know how to get things done and achieve their goals.

As a result, they are more likely to do well in their careers, business and life. It is not difficult to notice a good thinker, and even easier to identify a poor one. There are many signs of ineffectual thinking. One of them is a person's tendency to often take a different or opposite view from what you say to him, usually without deliberation.

For example, tell him that exercise is good, and he will tell you that it is not always true. He will argue that over-straining yourself is not good, and that exercise is not meant for everyone. On the other hand, try telling him that exercise is not always good for the body and this time, he is likely to argue that exercise is generally good for everyone and thus should be recommended for all.

Poor thinkers tend to be swayed in their views, hold conflicting opinions and think without focus or direction. Essentially, their approach tends to confuse matters, overwhelm an otherwise good idea and discourage intelligent thinking in a group. It is laborious to work with such a colleague, and a pain to serve such a customer.

If you are not skilled in critical thinking, you will be less effective than you otherwise could be.  Other people may have no idea what you stand for, what you are arguing about or what you really want. It is hardly a recipe for good leadership or business success.

There are other signs of poor thinking, most of which are quite readily identifiable to the well-trained thinker: Poor thinkers are usually not well versed in the rules of logic, tend to make bad judgments, and often confuse logical thinking with what can be called pseudo-logical thinking. 

In contrast, critical thinkers who are proficient and competent in their thinking - tend to demonstrate clarity and focus. Competent in the rules of logic, good critical thinkers know how to integrate different perspectives when synthesis is called for, or differentiate between ideas when comparison is required.

Critical thinkers also know how to make realistic judgments, get to the crux of the problem and deliver desired results. In essence, good thinking skills can help you to become more effective in your work, whether as a business leader, negotiator or coach. The myth is that critical thinking skills cannot be learned.

The myth is that critical thinking skills cannot be learned. The truth is, critical thinking skills can be acquired. First, learn to think before you speak, and pause before you think. Make sure you know why you are following a particular train of thought. Are you simply trying to challenge someone's views, or are you thinking of something that really matters at the moment?

Focus in thinking is essential. Second, open your mind to ideas and suggestions that you may not want to hear. Do not consider only views and arguments that make sense to you Rather, take note of possibilities that you now consider remote, and be prepared to change your stance if it is prudent to do so.

Objectivity in thought is the path to take. Shun a close or biased mind, which is a recipe for inefficiency. You cannot be a good thinker just by thinking hard, or sticking to what you already know, or think you know. You cannot expect to excel in work or business without at least some good thinking skills. When you are armed with these, the benefits inevitably follow.


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