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Smarter Phone For People On The Move

The term smartphone is sometimes used for wireless telephone sets with special computer-enabled features not previously associated with telephones. Compared with standard phones, smartphones usually have larger display screens and more powerful processors.

Is It For You?

Smartphones are increasingly used by busy executives on the road to help organise their lives at work and at home. These phones combine handphone and PDA functions in one unit and are considerably larger and more expensive than standard phones. However, using them also means you only need one device.

Such mobile devices have advanced capabilities beyond those of a typical cell phone. They can run operating system software that provides a standardised interface to support various applications and tools. Applications written for a given smartphone platform can usually run on any smartphone with that platform, regardless of manufacturer.

At the very least, PDA phones will have features for time and personal information management, and the ability to synchronise a calendar, contacts and your to-do list with existing computer software. Most have wireless Internet and email access and the ability to read or even edit Microsoft and PDF files.

They also double up as storage devices for photos, video and music. Think before buying a smartphone, because you don't want it to turn into another expensive toy. This gadget is most useful if you spend a lot of time away from the office and constantly need access to e-mail and your appointment information.

Operating Systems

Smartphones are available in Palm OS, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Linux operating systems, each of which has unique characteristics. As a matter of interest, Symbian is a company formed by six leading cellphone manufacturers Siemens, Samsung Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Ericsson and Panasonic. They got together with the intent of streamlining mobile phone development.

The benefits of Symbian OS are a wide selection of applications available for a range of mobile phones, implementation of industry standard protocols, interfaces and management services for IT system integration, and extensive connectivity options - including GSM, GPRS, CDMA, WCDMA, WiFi and Bluetooth.


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