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E-mail Filing

It often just piles up. Hardly anyone likes to do it. We put it off until we cannot stand it anymore. It makes us feel guilty. Unfortunately, it is a very necessary part of our life. Filing is not just paper anymore. It includes hundreds of email messages we receive. Here are 5 tips to help you keep this under control:

Set Up Folders In Email To File Important Information

When you have read or have decided what you want to keep, file it in a folder so you can easily access it in future.

Color-Code Your Incoming Email

Learn how to change the color of incoming email messages, go you can look at your screen and quickly identify the important ones. You can allocate a color to your boss, you clients, your staff and your friends so you know hat to work on first.

Establish Rules For Incoming Email

There are options in your email software to help you manage all incoming messages. If you receive spam, programme it to be automatically sent to your Deleted items. You can set up rules for e-zines you subscribe to and automatically file them in a folder to read later on. This helps you manage your inbox to prevent a feeling of overload from the number of email messages you receive each day.

Read And Delete

If you do not require the email message in the future, delete it once you have read it. Do not allow messages to stay on your inbox screen, as it will only make you feel like you have more work than necessary.

Housekeep Regularly

Email messages can take up a lot of disk space, so clean out any unnecessary items. Do this regularly and you will get into the habit of managing your email effectively.

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