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Learn To Sell On Ebay Tips

AC Nielsen's research last year showed that more than 724,000 people in the United States tap into ebay as main or secondary source of income. If you are a first-time buyer, get something that costs less than $100. If the sales goes awry, you will not have lost that much. Also be suspicious - especially of new sellers without a track record. For the seller, build a track record - it is important to collect feedback from your buyers. These are the few things you should consider when selling items.

List In A Variety Of Formats

These formats include auction-style and Buy-IT-Now at fixed price. This would appeal to different buyers' shopping style.

List It In The Correct Category

This will help potential buyers to find your item. Check completed auctions to see how successful sellers have listed a similar item.

Use Up All 55 Characters Given For Item Title

Also most buyers find the items on the auction site using eBay's search function. So, make a list of potential search key words.

Write Your Item Description In Bullet Points

This makes it easier to read. Also, different colors or bold font make the data more appealing. Product condition and full product details including defects, should be disclosed.

Never Underestimate The Power Of Clear, Detailed Photos

Take different shots from different angles. Place it at the top of the listing. The file size for each picture should be under 59KB for quick page downloads.

Learn From The Pros

Research the marketplace for completed item searches to be better informed about selling trends and prices. Understand how others are marketing and pricing similar products you are selling.

Respond To Buyer Emails Quickly

Clearly state polices, such as shipping details and cost, and return conditions. Entice buyers by offering shipping discounts on multiple items.

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