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Making Your Own Ring Tones

It's music to the ears of record labels and mobile ring tone companies. In 2004, millions of mobile phone users shelled out between US$1 and US$2 a pop to generate some US$4 billion (S$6.5 billion) in global ring tone sales. The figures included many users who buy a new mobile phone and discover they are unable to transfer their ring tones between phones. They end up buying the same song again.

The more technically savvy, however, have found a way to avoid paying for their ring tones. Many are editing riffs and refrains from their favorite songs and using them as ring tones. Editing a song is not difficult, giving the right tools and computer programmes. Two such programmes which are easily available on the Internet are Goldwave ( and Audacity (

Both come with simple instructions on how ot use them. All you need is a computer and a mobile phone with MP3 playback function, a CD or MP3 of the song you want to edit and a way of transferring data from your computer to your mobile phone. This can be done using a data cable, Bluetooth, infrared or via e-mail. One can fiddle with sound effects to make yours a truly unique and personalized ring tone.

However, be mindful of the legalities involved. By making edits of a song, you are creating a derivative work of a copyright song, which can be considered an infringement of copyrights. It is important to remember that the ownership of a CD is not the ownership of the copyright of the music.

Under the law of copyright, copyright is infringed if the amount of the original work that is copied is substantial. Fret not though. If you're afraid of copyright infringement issues, you can always get yourself Ringtone Creator which allows you to compose your own monophonic or polyphonic ring tones using a built-in keyboard.


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