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Everyone loves free software. The only problem is it takes time to find it, and then to download it. Well, Google's got it figured out for you with its new Google Pack service. Google Pack offers a host of useful free software, including its own Google Earth and third-party stuff such as the Mozilla Firefox browser. The best part is that it's really easy to download and install.

Go to and tick off the software that you want. Then you download the Google Updater which will automate your downloading and installation. You can take a coffee-break and when you return, your computer is stuffed with really useful software.

At The Moment, There Are 13 Applications On Google Pack, Including

Google Earth

This is a 3D browser of planet Earth that lets you zoom into the world via satellite. Find maps, wonders of the world, your house and more. A wonderful photo organiser that lets you manage your digital photo library, edit your photos and share them with friends.

Google Pack Screensaver

Idiot-proof software that lets you create screensavers of favorite pictures.

Google Talk

his is Google's voice and instant messaging client that works extremely well.


If you've got too many IM windows open, Trillian lets you combine Yahoo, MSN, ICQ and IRC into one integrated interface. It doesn't work with Skype and Google Talk.

Google Desktop

With Google Desktop you will be able to search your entire hard-disk in a flash. It even adds a search bar to Microsoft Outlook.

Norton Antivirus 2005

Amazing. Norton is giving you its leading anti-virus software for free, plus you get free updates for six months.

Who Needs Windows On A Mac?

You already have the best operating system in the world, right? It is a safe and beautiful computing environment with virtually no malware. So why install Windows XP on your Mac? Will it not simply make things cumbersome? There are several reasons to do i t, For one, some professionals need specialised software that run only or Windows platform.

And they will appreciate the benefits of a dual OS, where there are no Mac equivalents. Architects, for instance, can run the Autodesk programmes to finish off work at home, and boot up to OS X for everything else when they are done. Mac users who are gamers or PC gamers who have been slobbering over Apple hardware, will also find Boot Camp a plus. For the first time, they have access to a system that allows them to play the latest games - especially when the professional desktops with Intel inside arrive.

Neurotic Mac afficionados might see the XP to Mac overtures as sell out. Or, that Apple is shooting itself in the foot. But for those of us who still run PC software, either at work or in other capacities - say, on a second home computer - a Windows XP presence on a Mac via Boot Camp is one big plus. Apple knows this, and that is why they have given users - both Mac and PC - compelling reason to buy Macs now.


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