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True Life Account: I'm A Kept Woman

I remember being a misfit during my schooling days, never doing too well within the system. Maybe I was born stupid, but I was generally one of the rejects who were unconcerned with studies. Instead of concentrating on homework and good grades, I would hang out with my friends, gossiping, laughing, courting boys hoping to getting into relationship and constantly playing truant to allow time for my outside interests.

As a result, I got more into trouble with the discipline master than subject passes on the report card. But above everything else, fun and friends, I possessed a burning desire to always look good. I'm not sure though when and why I started placing greater emphasis on my image. You could say that perhaps being an impressionable teen, I had fallen under the influence of aggressive advertising and mass media. I want to look good when I am in a relatiionship

Whatever the reason, being dressed in the most current and fashionable threads was the only way I gained self-confidence in relationship. As such, a great deal of my spare time was spent conscientiously window shopping and reading up on fashion literature. I was always scouting out the latest trends. Every single cent of my allowance saved went either to "research material" or products like clothes, make-up and accessories I thought would make me look better by the day. Many of the guys whom I have a relationship with told me I look fabulous.

At the rate I shopped, even my friends thought of me as a fanatic at times. I must admit that deep inside, I looked up to the prettiest faces and wished for a spot next to those sexy cover girls. Oh, and how many more guys whipping their heads around while I sashayed down a busy sidewalk. The necessity to look outstanding soon brought about the inevitable strain on my pocket.

For a long time, I could only view in wanderlust the fine skirts, dresses, pants, lingerie and imagine how solid and sexy I would look in them. The only solution then was to find part-time work to help finance my addiction to grooming. Meanwhile, school became more and more of a hindrance, for time spent with the books could have been used to earn much needed cash. Feeling the pinch, I quickly found a job as a dance club waitress.

keep date  But it was tiring to work after school, and the salary wasn't enough to support my needs. Then one evening at work, I fell into conversation with a regular. Serving him drinks, I soon found out that Walter worked as a photographer. During the course of our sporadic and idyllic small talk, he commented on how beautiful I looked and later asked if I had ever considered modelling. At first I thought he was interested in a relationship.

keep date I guess Walter at that point, pushed a button that practically had me lighting up like a firefly! He proceeded to ask me, for all my good looks, whether I was keen on being hired as a model to be paid by the hour. As much as I wanted to contain my glee, I couldn't help but to nod continuously in agreement.

keep date Finally, my efforts to keep trim and handsome paid off. To think that I might someday grace the covers of Elle and Vogue because of this one chance meeting... It was going to be good. The first photo shoot with Walter was tremendous fun. Thanks to hours of flipping through magazines, he remarked afterwards that I was a natural even without experience. In no time, Walter created a stunning portfolio for me, of which I felt extremely proud of.

keep date By this time, school had taken a backseat far and behind. I still was present for my classes, but my mind was totally removed from boring schoolwork. Soon enough, Walter and I, over the numerous photo and dinner outings, developed feelings for each other and soon blossom into a relationship. A nice guy, aside from giving me tips on how to make my way about the fashion industry, he shared with me a fair bit of his experiences and life's lessons.

keep date I felt obliged somehow to return him a favor and promptly did so on one night. It wasn't in cash, but I felt enough for Walter to bed with him. I continued to let him photograph me, some of them with me in the nude. It was OK because I was comfortable and getting pampered at the same time with Walter buying me designer label clothing, fragrances and everything that made me most happy.

keep date  I had come under his wing almost like a little sister... a special sister more likely. With a little sizable allowances here and there, I could even afford to frequent bars and clubs and have a good time flaunting my assets. Before I knew it, I was already causing a stir amongst the male crowd at one of my favorite nightspots. A number of them even sat down to talk to me, some claiming to be photographers, but most I knew full well were patronizing me for "other reasons".

keep date Instead of feeling intimidated, I basked in all the attention I was receiving. It felt as if I became a star overnight and at that point I realized what a lanky trim figure with good looks was capable of. I knew that for a variety of reasons that I was highly sought after, and I wasn't about to just let opportunities pass by.

keep date  I gradually spent more time at sidewalk cafes and bistros mingling with my new circle of "friends". Even with Walter getting busy with work, I still hung out at his place a bit but our "relationship" had already cooled considerably. Next was an expatriate sales director by the name of Gray. I guess I was attracted to his rakish looks and entertaining humor despite the fact that he was middle aged.

keep date I gave to Gray youthful companionship and a good reason to be out of his executive suite enjoying himself after work. I never asked, but he certainly knew how to treat a lady, especially after accompanying him way after bedtime. Gray was even better than Walter in the sense that I got fed, dressed and transported wherever as much as I wanted. I hadn't made the magazine covers, but life was just as good. Gray leaving the country wasn't a disappointment.

keep date  Like a DeeJay spinning I have not regretted quitting school for I don't think an good education is needed for what I want to do in life. To me, a certificate or diploma has no guarantee of bearing fruit. The whole process just takes away too much of a person's lifetime. If I wan anything, all I had to do was to have a goal in mind, a little creativity and most importantly, drop dead gorgeous looks. Just look at all the great models... 

keep date Maybe I'm not quite there yet, but I've achieved beyond my expectations. I have heard snide remarks that I will earn a painful afterlife in Hell for my actions, or that I will actually live to see some form of retribution. True, they are all possibilities, but till the occasion presents itself, there is no stopping me from my living my lifestyle.

keep date  Meanwhile, on the inside, I'm quite scared, torn between the fantasy world that I'm living in now and the real one that I left not too long ago. I do see other girls trapped and suffering like a prisoner in their own cell. And, I just hope that I don't end up that way... For all my nonchalance, I still fear earning a reputation as a prostitute or slut, but worse if my parents were to uncover the truth. I would never be able to face up to them. Whatever it is, I have been silently praying for strength.


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