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Dating Tips For The Ladies

There Are No Ugly Women In The World, Only Lazy Ones

We hear this often from ladies, "If the guy likes me, he should accept how I look. "True in certain sense, but you will still need to put in a little effort on your appearance! If you feel the 'spare tyre' expanding around your waist, don't be lazy, go do some exercise and burn the fats! Learn what clothes and hairstyle enhance your appearance and what don't. Trimming your eyebrows and putting on a bit of lipstick makes a lot of difference to an otherwise plan Jane.

It takes Two Hands To Clap

Rather than saying, 'Anything else' or 'You suggest' and leaving the poor chap to think of where to eat or what to do. Show more enthusiasm and give some suggestions. It is meant to be a date for both of you, and not only him. He may feel that you have no mind of your own or is not interested in having this date with him.

Roar Like A Lion Or Be Quiet Like A Mouse?

Be neither. You may be talking excitedly, but remember to stay demure and not sound like you are haggling in a market. On the other hand, don't be over-demure that you become inaudible to your date. Speak confidently and try to make your conversations interesting. Remember, a confident woman is an attractive woman.

Win His Heart Through His Stomach

Impress him by preparing easy-to-make cookies or pastries to snack during your date. Or even make food bento for the two of you to eat while on a picnic date.

Be Appreciative

After your date has treated you to a dinner or has sent you home, thank him for his kind gesture. In this modern world where women are so independent and demand equality, your gentleman is no longer needed to take care of every aspect of a date, isn't it? So be appreciative that he has made the effort to ensure the date went smoothly.

Bottomline: Respect your date and communicate well. Don't be too stress up and enjoy yourselves!


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