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How To Keep Your Date

You may be looking for a date or already have one. How do you not 'scare' your potential date off and stay on the track of dating?

For The Guys

  • Dress well and appropriately. You don't have to dress in tuxedos or shirt and tie but rather dress according to the occasion. Bermudas and scandals may go well with the beach but NOT for a dinner date. The safest bet is a smart casual, in polo T-shirt and pants or jeans. Remember, although looks should not be everything, first impression definitely counts!
  • Basic social etiquette. Have you heard the ladies grumbling about guys not being gracious these days? They no longer open the doors for ladies nor stand on the side of oncoming traffic, don't foot the bill on the first date&. And so much more. So here guys, LISTEN UP! These days, the doors may open automatically, but allow your date to enter first and NOT walk in front and leave her behind.
  • When to talk and when not. Engaging in conversations is a skill, and most of us are not masters of it. The key is to be moderate, don't talk non-stop nor keep quiet totally. Don't bore your date by talking about yourself throughout the whole date. Learn to listen and give your date a chance to talk. Try to talk about interesting but not intrusive topics especially during the first date. You may be straightforward, but try not to be too candid with your comments on your date. For example, "You look a little horizontally challenged in this dress!" or "I think a little facial will do wonder for your skin"
  • Be sensitive to your date's needs or reaction. Stop blabbering when you can see that she is not interested in the topic. If your date feels cold, ask if she wants a hot drink or leave the freezing place and go for a walk outside. Of course, don't be overly-sensitive and become irritating.
  • Litter gifts do wonders. A small and inexpensive gift shows your sincerity in dating her.

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