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Fluorescent Tube

Replacing A Fluorescent Tube

Fluorescent lighting is popular and common, because its whiteness, brightness and affordability make it easy and practical to study and work by. If you have fluorescent lights at home, there's no need for you to call on servicepersons every time a tube needs changing. You can learn to do it yourself. Here are the steps for making the change:

  1. Turn off the power to the light fixture on the main service panel.
  2. Remove the diffuser to expose the fluorescent tube(s).
  3. Remove the tube by rotating it. Twist and turn the tube in any direction to disengage it and gently slide it out of the sockets.
  4. Inspect the pins to see if they are bent or broken; if they are, replace the tube.
  5. The ends of a worn-out tube are dark gray.
  6. Insert the new tube so that the pins slide fully into the sockets, then twist and turn in any direction until the tube is securely in place.
  7. Reattach the diffuser and switch the power back on.

Common Fluorescent Light Problems

The Tube Doesn't Light Up

Firstly, make sure the bulb is not burned out. Check the wall switch to see if the fuse has blown. If not, try to clean the ends of the bulb. Then put it back and see if it lights up. If this doesn't work, you may have a problem with the starter or the ballast. Try replacing the starter first, then the ballast.

The Tube Doesn't Light Up, But The Ends Of It Are Glowing Red.

Buy a new starter. Better still, buy an extra one as a spare

The Light In The Tube Flickers On And Off

Cold temperatures can cause it to flicker. A new tube might flicker when you first put it in. Leave it in for several minutes, if it still flickers, try gently twisting the tube (use a cloth if the tube is hot). If this doesn't work, then buy a new tube. If the problem persists, replace the ballast or buy a new fixture.

Tubes Burn Out Fast

Do not turn the light on and off too frequently.

The Fixture Bums

Humming or buzzing in a fluorescent light fixture is usually caused by ballast that is poorly mounted. If it is accompanied with a pungent smell, the ballast is defective and needs to be repaired.


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