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Supplies And Equipment Needed For Stencil

Liquid Paints

These come packed in jars, tubes or in paint sticks. The fast drying acrylic paints in a liquid form, are inexpensive and can be used for fabrics, wall interior and furniture. Oil paints stick practically on any surface that has a base coat of paint, such as outdoor furniture. walls and floors, and are ideal for places where there is heavy human traffic. Such paints are slow to dry but have x harder finish. They take 30 minutes to dry so you have enough time to make up your mind.


These are used to even out the paint. The brushes come in long or short handles and in various sizes. A short handle is used on a corner work space while long brush is for broad sweeps across a spacious surface.

Special Brushes

Apart from the stencil brushes. Almost essential is the stippling brush, which is used to even out the paint and get rid of brush marks. These brushes come in various sizes from a small brush to and a large brush used by professionals. Other brushes include a woodgrain brush, a natural sea sponge brush that produces a sponging effect and a sword liner brush that gives vein-like effect commonly found on marble surfaces.

Foam Rollers

The rollers provide a fast work rate and are be used with liquid paint for flat stencilling techniques where there is no color.

Spray Adhesive

This is to hold down the scent especially when you are working on a vertical surface. It is also used to stick the cutout areas down to prevent the incidental lifting.

Painter's tape

The no-peel, reusable, tacky tape is useful for aligning the stencil:especially when you are doing borders.

Decorative Glazes/Pain Effects

These produce special paints/glaze effects on the walls e.g. sun-washed Mediterranean paint effect. You can also get gold effects by buying imitation.

Stencilling Surface

Matt textured surfaces take well to stencilling. Emulsion or latex paint surfaces are also excellent but semi-gloss or sheen paint surfaces need extra care. Stencilling possibilities are limitless. Some ideas can be border designs below cornices. along edges of windows or over-the-wall stencilling. Your favorite things to stencil include clothing, fabrics such as towels, place mats, tablecloths, pillowcases, etc.

These are well suited for acrylic paints. You can also stencil on treasure chests. drawers, cabinets, tables, chairs, doors, even lampshades. Glass surfaces as well as metal surfaces like mailboxes, toolboxes, trunks and serving trays are also stencil objects. Wooden window boxes, benches, bird-houses, wooden trays take well to stencils in acrylic or oil paints. Unglazed pottery objects like tarracotta garden pots and tiles can also be stenciled.


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